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making chores

i have a 7 year old son and i try to get him to help around with chores. he refuses to help out with any kind of chores. not even his own chores. please help
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children get bored   ,, easy and like all of us hate taken thier treats away  ,,, im a big girl and iv feeling   ,, and im your mother who loves you if im tidying up all the time iv no time to play  ,, or your friends cant come  over  ,, is someting iv said  ,,, dont be afraid to disscuss thier feelings ,, star charts   ,,give quality time with telly etc for doing thier chores  ,, a day to park etc  ,, keep every thing positive simple ,, what those he like to do ,,
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Are there consequences if he doesn't do his chores? My son is 6 and has only a few to  do. He knows whats expected, but he still tries to whine and drag his heels about it. So if he won't do something he either goes to bed early, misses a show he wants to watch, can't play with his friends outside, etc. Pick whatever will make an impact, and STICK with it.

Some kids work well with rewards for chores done, but in my case it only makes my son whine for the reward, lol. He tries to bargain like he's Donald Trump. So in his case, consequences work best.
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what ever works best in your house is the way to go ,, different house , s have different rules  ,, but most inportant and i think we,ll all agree is too stick to your word  ,, no matter what happen ,, or our children will play us and pick our weak spots  ,,
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"Chores" is such a horrible word and it's been around for generations.  How about "contributions"?  "Mission"?   "Helping out"?  

The thing is,   you're trying to teach a child  the desire to willingly helping out where they see a need,   and to routinely look for needs as they arise.  Assigning "Chores" is like putting a big huge brick around their neck.  So dreaded.

My children never had "chores",  but they were expected to help out if I said Hey I need help,  and they very willingly did that.  Conversely,  if they had some big work thing to do,  I'd say don't worry,  I'll help you, we'll get through it.  

I mean really,  how much fighting should a family do over who should empty the kitchen garbage can?  

If you model what needs to be done,  and then model that you will very willingly help out and nicely request that they help you out,  you accomplish the same goal of establishing household responsibility.  

Best wishes.  This isn't an easy balance.
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