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Maturity of a 17 year old

I have a 17 year old daughter who attends a private (expensive) school that we sacrifice on a daily basis for her to attend. It is a very progressive and challenging academic school. She is an excellent student on honor roll. Our problem is her lack of empathy and her constant self centerdness. She has one chore to do and she does it half the time, sloppily and needs constant reminders for 4 plus years to so the job. She does nothing to help out around the house and adds to the mess by not cleaning up after herself. She sits in her room all evening and expects everything to be done for her. My husband was away for multiple days a few weeks ago and I was ill with a sinus infection. I went directly to bed when I got home. I told her I was ill and she actually expected me to make dinner. I just don't know if she will be ready for college when the time comes, she is a great student but instead of appreciating the fact we are sacrificing the good of the family to send her there she complains about the school and the rules. Does anyone know what I am talking about and do you have any advice?
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I think what we have here is a teenage girl.  ;D  Seriously.  

Some are more grateful and helpful,  but some are less grateful and helpful than her.

Does she have good friendships?
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She's 17.. I was the exact same way at 17. I sat in my room all evening, I wouldn't clean my room or clean anything in the house.  If my mom wasn't feeling well I wasn't going to cook or clean for her.. but when I was out of my teems, I'm 25 now I'm the complete opposite. When I was a teen my mom would tell me when I get a house it's going to be a mess because I hated cleaning as a teen. Of course once I became an adult I changed, I love cleaning and cooking, and am very empathic and caring. Most teenage girls are that way, they seem to lack empathy and such. It's nothing to worry about, she's not going to see your point of view now, but I garentee in Acouple years she'll grow out of it.
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