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My son caught me masterbating what should i do?

I usually take precautions while doing this but, yesterday my son saw me.

I ignored that he saw me, and i want help suggestion from you on what to do next?

Should i make a story around it or tell him the truth?
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It all depends on the age if he should hear the real truth behind what happened or if you can give him a rated G version so that he gets it without thinking its a bad thing. If he's between 5-8 I would think it would be safe to tell him that when boys grow up and are your age they do things that you couldn't do at his age but that its a way to help Daddy relax in a grown up way BUT its only safe for adults to do it not children. If he's between the age of 9-12 I would tell him what it is you were doing and tell him there's nothing wrong about it and that once he's a little older you guys can have this chat again to where he can better understand more than he would at that age. I kinda know what your feeling my 6 yr old at the time walked in on me and my fiance having sex twice. Instead of doing what I did which is act as if it never happened I would definitely talk to him because you both are men ( one a lil man) and I think it would be much easier for you two to connect in that way then if it was your daughter who walked in.
Hope that helps and good luck with the talk you guys will be fine :))
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I am 35 and my son is 12
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I never talked about "masterbation" to anybody, not friends nor any of my family member. After these many years what i feel is, It is just like an addiction that everybody catch up in early years. The persons who raise above these emotions made great achievements in the world. People like top scientists, saits etc.

I want my son to concentrate more in studies and grow up in an enviroment that feed him to become a great achiever like Einstein and not a looser like his dad :|

Thanks everybody who care to answer these questions.
You are very ignorant in more then one way ( learn to spell) she should be honest explain its a private natural thing and apologize for not making sure she was being private enough accidents happen  your advise is disgusting
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Guys, professionals, please help!
I am in urgent need man!
A little late now lol but I would suggest you tell him about sex and masturbation and life.
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Hi, I wouldn't bring it up with your son, only because 1- he may already be masturbating or 2- when he does begin to masturbate, he will then have realised that was what you were doing. However, if he does come to you asking you what you were doing, it might be worth having a chat to him (after all he is 12, and at that age). Hope this helped. :)
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I would explain that just about every male ever born has done it as a boy and as well as adults. That God made your body with a sex drive but you can't always be having sex with a woman (or a partner) but your body sometimes is telling you it wants to have sex. You have an errection ( a woodie) you body is telling you hey I'm ready what about you. God made us that way so there would alway be babies and people. So to masterbate (jerk off) is a way to ease the sexual need and that there is nothing wrong with it. Hey can you imagine how many babies there would be if everytime a guy poped wood he had sex with a woman. What about all the teen age boys who are not ready to be fathers so it releases the tension.  I would also explain that it is mostly a private thing and that someday when he is married he would experience love with a woman that is alot better than jerking off. To be intimate in that way well it is just wonderful. If you are a single or separted parent you can expalin your need a little easier. If you are in a relationship you can tell him you can't always be jumping into bed. Certainly it is more of a private thing and if either of you are involed in a private thing you should close doors and respect each others privacy. And if asked though the door just say you are doing a private thing. To not say anything is leaving him open to imagine all sorts of stupid things. It is only though communication that we learn and grow. Good Luck
you can do it because you love him and he loves you.

And by the way your asking shows you are a caring and loving father - by no means a loser
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I don't try to hide it my son has seen me a few times
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Let him be its natural just give im easy access to lune and paper towels
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i think you should address it and explain that its natural. why men do it, and how it is a  private thing, but nothing to be ashamed of. tbt, hes probably doing it too. ask him if he is and ask him if he has questions.
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