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teen cutting

why i my son who is thirteen cutting himself?
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Is he really into the emo look? Is he dressing darkly, hair hanging over his face, etc.? For some reason a lot of teens are really into the whole emo thing. Only problem is, a lot of them are depressed and cutting themselves. There are many reasons why he may have chosen to do this. It could be the kids he's hanging out who have introduced this to him but wherever he got this he's learned to use this as a coping tool, which is not good. Most people who cut themselves are in a lot of emotional pain and don't know how to cope with it or let it out and so they cut themselves. Believe it or not, they will feel some relief from the cutting if even for a little while. It gets their minds of the pain they feel inside because they have to concentrate on the physical pain. Some are in so much pain inside that they don't even feel the pain of the cut. Regardless, it's a cry for help. I don't know how long he's been doing it but if it's in the beginning stages, that's good. It will be easier to help him. If he's been doing it for awhile, it could become addictive and it would be harder for him to quit.
I suggest you find a counselor, one who's used to counseling teens and preferable one who's familiar with cutting. See if they offer CBT therapy. He needs to learn better coping skills to handle stress, anger, sadness, etc., than hurting himself. A good counselor will help him learn those coping skills and hopefully draw out what's going on inside him that is causing him to want to hurt himself.
How are his grades? Does he act depressed? Does he shut himself up in his room a lot? Try to talk to him and get him to open up. Don't pressure or push, be gentle. Show him that you're there for him and you love him. But don't sweep this under the rug and hope it will go away. If it's ignored it will get worse, I promise.

I'm speaking from experience. My daughter cut herself from around 12 or 13 until last year at the age of 15. We got her into counseling right away. She's much better today.

Just stay on top of it. Get him the counseling and hang in there. I wish you and your son the best. God bless.
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He is unhappy , ask him why and find out how he is feeling .
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cutting is a way of releasing emotional pain. if he is in pain on the inside he may whant to express this in the form of physical pain... physical pain is much easier to deal with.

take him to talk to a councellor. they will help him find healthy ways of dealling with his pain.

let him know you care.

how did you find out??
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