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13 month old won't sleep through the night.

I'm 11 weeks pregnant and I have 13 month old who went from sleeping decently, waking up at 6 am for a bottle then going back down until 8am. She would get exactly 12 hours of sleep. It was nice, even when she was super sick with the stomach bug she was sleeping great. But now that she's healthy and back to normal we are waking multiple times a night. Rocking her doesn't work, patting her doesn't work and we live in a apartment so I simply cannot let her cry it out... the stupid neighbor upstairs, can hear her once and they are up stomping all over the place. I'm talking about a whimper and they just stomp back and forward at all hours. I'm slowly decreasing the amount of formula she gets during the night but I'm so confused as why she's just waking and refusing to sleep without a bottle. I'm so worried that when this baby comes in august... I'll have 2 that don't sleep. I'm so uncomfortable already at night, that once I'm up to feed her.. I'm then up. So I'm not sleeping, my husband isn't sleeping and she's not. Any suggestions?  
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Do u have her on a schedule? Does she go to sleep at different times each night? If so, try placing her in bed ever night at the same time. She is 13 months and still on formula. Shouldnt she be given regular milk by this time I'm not sure just curious. Some babies are like that they sleep a little and just wake up at odd times. When she gets up what is she doing crying, playing, just looking around. If she crying something maybe wrong. Have u gotten her checked for ear infections? I'm not sure just throwing some points out there.
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No she has a set schedule and she gets milk. Doctors office just checked her ears the other day. They are good. She only has 2 teeth so idk of she's getting another one? But she not doing what she did with the fist 2. She wakes up crying, whimpering. I usually wait a minute or two to see if she stands up.if she stands up i know she won't go back down
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How is she doing now?
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My husband and I pushed her bedtime back an hour. Which forces her to take 2 naps. Last night she slept all night. The night before she was only up once. Hoping for a repeat tonight to see if this change helps. Fingers crossed.
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Awww that's good progress is always good keep us posted
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