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14 month old peeing issues?! Help!

My 14 month old son will pee in nappy during day, it's just never properly wet when i take it off, but at night he seems to Let go and sometimes he has a pretty full nappy in the morning and other mornings he's soaked through! I'm at a loss. I cut fluids after 6, except his bedtime bottle. I encourage fluids throughout the day. I've put larger nappy on at night time, i've even changed brands. Currently he's in asda 5+ during the day and pampers 7s at night. It seems to help somewhat, but not all the time. Anyone any suggestions?!?!?!?!
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You probably change him more often during the day?  And in a laying position, perhaps it distributes more in a gush rather than all over?  I had one son that had night time wetting until 9 years old!  It's actually quite common with 10 percent of kids wetting at night until that age and often, they had a parent that did it when they were kids too.  They just don't get signals to wake up until older.  Anyway, just keep trying with the bigger diaper.  What about, just in case, a disposable pad under too?  /They make those specifically for this reason.  good luck
Oddly... And luckily enough it doesn't wet the bed, sometime his sleep bag may be slightly wet but when he just has duvet over him the bed is never affected. Strange. Yeah you're spot on. His dad had wetting issues also. I do encourage fluids during the day, but i do.cut him off at 6, then he just gets his bobo. My brother also had issues though i'm not aware of mum having issues where nappies where concerned. My son doesn't have this every night, but more often than not. Just hard to know what to do.

Thanks though!
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