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4 year old moods

hi my 4 year old daughter has become very moody, and seems to get upset very easily, she comes out with thing like " i feel cryish" meaning she is going to cry. and is very nasty with her dad.i dont really know what to do , she is very well looked after and loved. can anyone help please ?
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When she says these things what has happened prior to it., what happens to make her nasty to her Dad what reason?
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4 year olds are difficult----  I know I have one.  They can certainly try your patience.  You also think they are old enough to know better----  but sometimes they aren't.  I think that they do things for a reaction.  My 4 year old is now and always has been very attached to me (he's a boy).  He loves his dad, he really does and wants to do things with him all the time.  But sometimes is rude to him.  My husband completely ignores it and I say "we aren't mean to daddy!!!"  It usually stops with that and it doesn't happen for a long time.  (things like that tend to happen when he's tired.)  At 4 they are little still---- aware that they have emotions "i feel cryish" but unable to control them.  I'm guessing she will grow out of it if you have your rules in place and follow through.  Love her through the tough times and move into the next "fun" phase of raising kids.  Good luck
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nothing really , she just shouts at him , sometimes she is like a stroppy teenager, banging doors . but when she goes out with dad she is great with him
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4 year olds are difficult, I think mostly they are this way because they are caught in between the "big girl/boy" age and the "baby" age. They are trying to grow up so fast to be a big girl or boy but then again they want to still be the baby, in turn making it harder to express their emotions in a way thats age appropriate for them. Maybe she wants her daddys attention more and is saying nasty things to make him give her that attention or maybe she is just lashing out because she is tired. I think as long as you correct her behavior she will learn to control her emotions in a more positive way. I know with my daughter if my husband (her daddy) gets on to her she will be pouty with him for hours and sometimes days until he takes her to the side and tells her that he's sorry but she needed to get in trouble and tells her that he loves her even when shes being ugly.
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