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Aggressive Four Year Old

My son and I recently took an afternoon to spend together alone.  After weeks of wanting to go bowling I took him last Saturday.  He is very competitive and started getting frustrated when I had more points than him.  When his turn was over he started getting very angry.  I sat down next to him to explain that he gets to bowl twice, and then I get to bowl twice.  While trying to explain this to him, he slapped me across the face!  I was devastated and shocked.  I said "Get your shoes on, we are leaving".  I paid for the unfinished game and turned in our shoes.  We went to the car and I started crying.  This only seemed to make him more upset.  I told him we do not hit.  This is something he knows.  He has been told this repeatedly, as he occasionally will hit his younger brother (20months).  

When he was two he had a really hard time with hitting.  We worked on this behavior and I thought we had gotten over the worst of it.  He no longer and hasn't for a long time, hits other kids for toys, etc....  He is very competitive and particular about the way things are done.  But clearly, hitting Mom is way out of line.  What do I do?  I don't think this is normal behavior for a four year old.....

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What you did was correct...leaving the bowling alley....just continue with your process and I think he will get better as you go...Did you put him in his room when you got home or was he allowed to go and play.  Ithink if you take them from the situation and then make them take a timeout at home will really set your point...
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