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Avoiding Heat Exhaustion/Heat Stroke

Hi there.  My 18 month old and I are visiting my parents, and of course arrived in the middle of a heat wave.  Current temps are 35-40, which is about 100 to 110 I believe.  We are not used to this kind of heat at all...abnormal for us.  I am following the APA guidelines and think I have most of it covered.  Sunblock, a hat, lots of fluids and I am pretty comfortable as to what to watch for in terms of signs of heat exhaustion/heat stroke.  My question is how long should I allow him outside at any given stretch. He wants to be outside all the time, and right now I am doing about 30 to 40 minutes, then bringing him in to the air conditioning to rest and cool off, then letting him back out.  Am I being overly cautious in the length of time outdoors, or not cautious enough?  Again, this is not usual temps for us so he is not accustomed to extreme heat, and he is also very very fair skinned.  I want him to have fun, but want to make sure I am avoiding any problems as well.  Thanks so much, I appreciate it.
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as long as he is wearing sunscreen, hat and drinking heaps of fluid he should be right to be outside, just keep an eye out for sign of heat stroke but if he is drinking fluids constanly everything should be fine, i live in a warm climate that gets to those temps in summer and my ds plays outside most of the day otherwise if your really concerned bring him inside from 11am to 3pm these are the hottest parts of the day
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It is really hot in Australia and the way we do it is make sure they have icypoles, Hats, sunscreen and long sleeve tops. We make sure there is a waddling pool with supervision of course. Sprinklers are good for cooling off. Just make sure heaps of fluids. A wet towel to wet the back of neck and cool down faces helps too. A nice tepid shower after all that play helps too. If he does seem a bit parched I use pedialyte pops. Because they sweat this replaces some of the salt and nutrients they lose. Hope this helps enjoy the sun.
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