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My 21 month old

I have a 21 month old son.....He is a handfull.  This is my first kid, Im lost.  I think hes too young for time out, but there are certain things that I ask him not to do, and I KNOW he understands me, and he just looks at me with the same little angry look I gave to my parents, and continues doing what he wants, sometimes he even laughs as he and looks at me as he does the things I have just asked him not to do....I cant just let him get away with it....But If I have to remove him from the situation every time, I feel like he'll learn that he doesnt have to listen until he HAS to.  I want him to respect me, and I want him to want to listen.....Im so lost!  Please help!
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oh honey he isnt too young! i started time outs when my daughter was around 11 and 12 months. 1 year old is an excellent time to start. if he doesnt want to accept than you are the mommie and he needs to learn, put his little turkey butt in the corner. 1 minute for each year. he is 1.5 or so, so i would say 1 mintue. and when he turns 2, do 2 mintues. stand by him in the corner (or sit by him on the chair or couch) and enforce the no play time. it will be hard! all children are hard! lol. its a battle of wills. and always remmber YOU are the mommie, and he will learn eventually. it may take a few years, but he will get it.

once time out is done, i usually sit with my daughter and explain in small easy to understand words 'mommie said NO, you DO NOT do that. OK?"

it really does get easier as they get older *Hugs* good luck honey!
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they say it takes 21 times for something to become a habit or learned and only one time to break it...so it may take you many times of saying no before he understands you--and if you let it go one time then he knows he can push his luck with you.  Just be totally consistent with him....it does not matter what form of disciline you choose just as long as you always conform to it.  A one year old can understand you and the words you say but not always the action that you want taken.  Make sure you use small easy to understand phrases with him.
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