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My daughter wakes up with random bruising and is fine when we lay her down

My 2 year old daughter has woken up with bruising on her ear (the cartilage) which I understand is very hard to bruise. This has happened multiple times in different homes and beds. It isn't every morning they appear, just random mornings for the past 3 months. The other morning she woke up with a bruise on her ear and what appeared to be a scratch on her neck. She had also had a bruise on her cheek a couple days before that. I took her to the doctors since I was concerned about it. They checked her blood and said everything was fine. Her white blood cell count was a little elevated but it could be because she had an upper respiratory infection. DSS then proceeded to text my boyfriend saying we HAD to meet today (day before thanksgiving when we were supposed to go out of town for plans with my mother).We have 4 kids in the home, a 3 year old boy, 2 year old girl, 1 year old girl and a 1 month old girl. The social workers questioned the older 3 and "inspected them". Then proceeded to question him and I separately. My 2 year old (Mariah) is the only one with any marks. They told us these marks were inflicted on her and we had to go to the ER so all the kids can get evaluated and examined. They told us we could not keep our kids, but we came to an agreement that someone that approved would stay with us and be under 24 hr supervision. We got to the hospital and were questioned by DSS, doctors, cops and a detective. The x rays showed nothing was wrong. We won't know blood results until Monday. we are not allowed to keep his 2 kids (the 3 year old and 1 year old). we can see them under supervision of their mother. My daughter stayed with my mother when I had my baby a month ago and while she was there, they sent me a message showing a picture of her ear (it was bruised) and asked what it was. So it is not just happening at my house which you would think would tell them she is not being abused. I have been researching what it could be and have made a list to show them and make sure they do EVERY test. I don't know how to cope with this... They are saying I could be getting dressed out and overwhelmed and pulling her by her ears... They also said the mark on her neck looked like fingers. Which it didn't. they called it Petichiae.
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Gosh, I'm sorry to hear this.  Nightmare to have your kids taken from you.  I know this is very hard--- but you have to trust the process.  Know that social services does not want to take kids form their parents.  They just want to make sure they are safe.  So, they are going to evaluate this situation to make sure she is.  If this happens at your house and your mother's, it will happen wherever she is also.  That will help them understand that you are not doing it.  Cooperate with social services-- do whatever they say while maintaining your innocence.  

This is written in November.  What has happened since then?  
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