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ODD in Toddlers

I have a 26month old boy that has been difficult since about 18 months.  Constant temper tantrums and screaming, kicking and biting.  I have been to parent counseling, taken him to doctors and tried all that I could.  I had one doctor diagnose him with ODD.  He is just now starting to talk pretty well, so I was shocked that a children's doctor had the gall to diagnose him based on my information and without any sort of formal evaluation.  I am at my wits end.  We cannot attend church, go to dinner or do much else in public for fear of a major meltdown on my son's part.  I have tried spanking (does nothing but make me feel like ****), time out and down right ignoring his behavior.  WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?????  The counselor that I was seening, suggested so many diffent things that just aren't working.  I don't expect overnight changes, but we have been trying since he was 18mo. old if not a little younger.  I have many people tell me that once he develops better language skills it will get better...why should that make it better???  Can someone help me please??  His behavior has affected the whole family and my marriage.  Please help!!!
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in our place, i observed that such type of children becomes better when they got a younger brother or sister...or they get to observe and realize that you are not stressed with his actions. Keep your cool and show him that you can manage to extend your patience. just keep on telling him that it's never a good thing to do, and whenever he tends to do so, show or give him something that he loves and tell him that he will have it when he stop his bad acts.
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and don't show any emotion, don't get mad or laugh, just teel him it's not right...
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You may just have a VERY strong-willed child. I have 2 daughters - one that is so easy-going and compliant and the other - not so much! :) My strong-willed girl just turned three and I can say that things are improving with age now that she can more effectively communicate her desires, but more importantly she can better understand reasoning and consequences as she ages. I've come to realize that even though my little one is smart as a whip, she is immature for her age. One thing that has really helped us is giving her fish oil. I was at my wits end a few months ago and researched any and everything that might help us and there was a ton of promising info on fish oil for children with ADD and/or behavioral problems. My daughter is taking the coromega kids packets and her behavior has improved 10 fold. It may not work for everyone, but I'm so thankful it worked for us. Good luck! I believe with time it will get better. Hang in there. ;)
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