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Small children.

I've got two babies. My oldest is 16 months. I just went to my wric appointment today and asked the lady if I could weigh my girls so I could write it down in their baby books. My oldest was born 7lb 12oz. At six months she had only gained 7lbs and weighing at 14lbs I was told she was underweight. On her birthday 3/4/13 She weighed 20lbs. I just weighed her today with her clothes and shoes on she's 16m, and she weighed borderline 19-20lbs. Now she doesn't not look bone skinny. I got some pics on my profile. I've been told she's just petite. But I can tickle her and grab her thigh she's got some fat on her, she's just not gaining. My wic lady said that I guess technically she is under weight, but not to worry about it that she could hit a growth spurt at any minute. Well.. I'm worried. I just want two healthy babies. I have fed her right an left. I don't know how else to help my baby gain weight. I guess i'm also worried people will think i'm not taking care of my children properly. I don't want someone to take my babies I cant express how many people have threaten me to go to dhs. An believe me i'm not a bad mom. I'm a stay at home mom. I spend all day changing diapers and feeding them. They are my number one. Even when dad wont play with them I'm here. Is there any other way I can make her gain some more weight. I'm just concerned I want her fat and healthy. I'm just so scared pls someone help.
Also my youngest is 5m and only 14lbs gaining slow like her sister. Is she ok?  I've got their height and weight charts on their pages if that helps.
I have nothing else to do all day long except worry about my babies. I mean I know a mom (friend of mine) who lets her little boy sit in poop and I've explained to her that if she doesn't change him he will get a rash and/or bleed. So believe me I do everything I can to take care of my girls and make sure their happy. My mother-in-law also works for a daycare. If there was anything serious wrong with them she'd tell me. I'm stressing so bad I haven't got my period yet. So if anyone can advise me if theres something else I can do? Anything that may make me feel better. Please.
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Honey, unless your starving, beating or neglecting your children, no one is going to take them.  What you have is a petite girl.  That may or may not change in the future, but for now it is what it is.

I also have a small child, and I understand how you feel. However, if they are healthy, have a normal amount of energy, those nice pink cheeks, you probably have nothing to worry about.  Continue to offer healthy food, 3 meals and 3 snacks per day.  You may want to chat with a Pediatric Nutritionist - I did that and it helped. She gave me some great ideas for a high calorie diet.  I also kept a food journal for a long time, and my son's daycare obliged by documenting for me as well.  All I found was that my son ate well, ate a fairly healthy diet, and was totally fine.  But remember children are very good at regulating their diet, and typically will only eat what they need.  Our little ones come in all shapes and sizes.  Always make sure you are discussing your concerns with a health professional, but based on what you were told from a medical professional, it sounds like all is fine.  
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Girl dnt be worried wen I was a baby I was the sameway I was just long as ever and until this very day I can eat you outta a house car maybe even a grocery store and still nt gain no weight they are fine long as they can eat they are good nnothing to worry about but just also tlked to their doctors if you still feel worried about their weight gain but it perfectly normal
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Thanks guys I've also started a food log. So I know what she's ate. Her uncle is like that eats and eats an it seems hard for him to gain weight. I don't like that she's so small but I feel better writing down what shes eating. They both have a healthy child check up next month Im gonna definitely ask the dr. then and weigh them both again. Hopefully she'll gain something! A friend said pediasure could help her gain weight. ? Would it be ok to feed her that? Idk I've never seen any of it or if its suppose to be for 16 month olds.
Shes such a picky eater. I give her a lot of fruit and bread, She loves bread rolls. and Cheese. The Wic lady also asked what I was giving her to drink. I give her a sippy cup of whole milk morning an night and the rest of the day she drinks flavored water. Loves that stuff. Im trying, just makes me feel like its my fault. But she comes in and steals my food and I give it to her if she'll eat it.
I Have been making her sit down in her high chair more I turn of the tv and I made eggs and sausage this morning I think I got more in her today. =) I love my girls!
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hobojo,  it sounds like you're doing a good job of trying to get her to gain weight.  it is a concern when a child is born average and then has long periods where she seems to have stopped growing.  A food chart is a good idea.

I also think since she's "coming in and stealing your food" that maybe the kind of food you eat is what she would prefer - can you just offer whatever that kind of food is for her meals?  

Lastly,  if you have a lot of people threatening to call DHS and report you - is it only the child's size or are there other family dynamics that people are concerned about?  

Best wishes.  
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Did you breastfeed? If so breastfed babies are generally smaller. My little guy is 20 months and weighs 22lbs. The doctor said he looks healthy for his size. He has a great amount of energy. And matter of fact I think at 5 months he was 14lbs maybe less I will have to go and look in his baby book. I wouldn't worry.
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The pediasures are fine for them. My WIC nutritionist advised us to let my two boys drink them by 12 months..she said they will ensure u of the child getting the correct vitamins as well. N now they actually make some that help weight gain. My boys love the strawberry:) good luck mama.
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I did breastfeed my first for one month. an dryed up. RockRose. Yeah its stupid really. I let a "friend" babysit and you know how lil babies get dirt stuck between their fingers. She said that my youngest daughter was SO DIRTY she just had to give her a bath. An because we refused to pay her 30$ after watching them for 3 hours she threaten to call dhs that my kids were dirty. My dr. also said that when my oldest turned 6 months an was only 14lbs that she had to report to dhs. So other than that i'm just concerned because she's not gaining that some people may think i'm not taking care of them properly. An I do feed her my food. Whatever she eats I eat most the time.
Thanks everyone! I'm trying to fatten her up. I'm new to this. I've got two but before I had my first baby I had never seen a baby so I'm still learning!
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