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Two year old bad sleep habits

My daughter is two years old, and in the past she was the perfect little sleeper. I used to put her to bed while she was wide awake and no problem throughout the night. Recently this past month she has been hard to put to bed, I have to sooth her until she is asleep. And she awakes around 1-3am.

And when she is awake, she wants milk and cries uncontrollably to get her way to sleep on our bed. My son is seven and there wasn't one day that he slept on our bed. She is giving me a hard time. I would love to kick this habit before nursing school starts again.

My problem is her crying. She doesn't just cry, she cries once then you can't hear her cry but her expression is as if she can't breath or cry at once it's scary. It's hard for me to ignore her especially when she cries like that. One other time she cried I heard her then went in her room. It wasn't even a minute that she was crying and she vomited all over her bed.

I don't know how to handle this kind of crying.  
Any help or advices?
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I'm not so concerned about the crying half as much as the reason why she is experiencing sleeping problems.  It sounds like the crying is a direct result of her not getting enough sleep.  Did anything happen to her or her normal routine within the past month that could be triggering this behavior?  If not, you might want to have her evaluated by her pediatrician to determine if a medical issue might be causing her sleeping problems.
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My daughter refuses to eat, and her pediatrician have me number for occupational therapy so they can find out why she is not eating. They told me her weight is in the 25th percentile. And height at 75th percentile.
I told her doctor she is not a picky eater because a picky eater will eat specific things they like, whereas my daughter runs away from all foods. One bite in her mouth and that's it. She does drink milk before going to bed, which is 6 ounce, never past 6! I get happy she does drink that.
Also she likes water, hates juice.
I started going to school on august last year but that didn't seem to bother her. After I finished school, that's when her sleeping habits changed. She was hard to feed since birth, whether it was milk or baby food.
Surprisingly she is a very happy, sweet girl most of the day.  When evening comes around she gets cranky, and I know because she is hungry. I've tried varity of foods, family dinners, me feeding her, let her feed herself, sit her down with kids her age and eat with them, but nothing out of any of those.

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Unless I misunderstood your post, it sounds like sleeping problems could be triggering the crying as well as eating issues.  During sleep is when children grow.  Not getting enough sleep can present with a number of problems.  It sounds as if you need to have your daughter evaluated by her pediatrician as to why she is experiencing problems with sleep.  Once this issue is resolved, I'm sure all the other issues will dissipate.
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