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I have a 14-month old daughter, and we are still mostly nursing, although she eats plenty of normal food as well. She drinks water and whole milk out of a sippy cup or bottle just fine, too.

My question is, when is it best to wean a breastfed baby, for their health? My mom and husband have started asking when she'll be weaned, and it's getting more awkward now that she can crawl over and try to yank my shirt down. But, I also want her to get as much benefit as possible...

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Hi there i breastfed my little one for around about the same time over all but , When he was 5 and half months i began to wean him on to baby rice and over a short period of adjustment was then able to stop the lunch breast feed and feed a proper baby diet for this meal .Baby has to get out of the habit . At first baby may still expect to be fed after having baby solids but this is only out of habitual comfort and this will diminish . This is how i started i didn't rush and i was relaxed about it all if you are then the baby will be too. I also didn't get pulled into the whose baby could do what first as this puts extra pressure where it's not welcomed. This is what i did,  i took our time to early morning  breastfeed ,baby breakfast, mid morning feed was shorter then lunch, and a shorter afternoon feed ,baby tea  and then a proper bedtime feed to fall asleep.

Slowly  over a time a  breastfeed was swopped for  baby food with a shorter timed comfort boob feed if needed  ending up with me only breastfeeding last thing at night  and i did not mind breastfeeding at bedtime for nearly 2 months after my son had stopped all feeds and was on normal baby meals. This last feed came to an end naturally as he was full, breast habbit all but stopped only at bedtime when a snuggle next to my breast was all the warmth and security he needed .
I suppose it is about balancing and swopping old for new  habits and expectancies and baby as long as it is not hungry and is secure and comforted then weaning should not be too bad .you little one may protest a bit but do not get ruffled be firm for three days (a very long time for babies) and old habit should be forgotten new eating habit in place .

Hope i have been a little help good luck.
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I started weaning my DD at 18 months. She did not want to do it, but by then I had had enough because she was getting bitey. I've seen things written about parents who breast feed 8 year olds and all I have to say is yuck!
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At 14 months of age, given that your daughter is eating a well balanced diet which includes whole milk and water to keep her adequately hydrated, I'd say that there's no pressing nutritional reason to continue breastfeeding. You certainly won't harm her or set her up for poor health by weaning - on the contrary, you've given her so much by providing her with milk for so long.

I breastfed both my boys - my youngest, now 23 months old, was by far the most attached to it....he wouldn't take any bottle or sippy cup until he was 11 months old. And it was all on his terms, he's that strong willed.

Good luck....for as much as you may feel that it's "time" to wean - or be feeling external pressure to do so - it can stir feelings of guilt.  Just do what you feel is right, and go easy on yourself....and remember tbat your daughter is resilient and loves you :)
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I stopped breastfeeding my son when he was 13.5 months old because he was biting a bit too much (he already had 16 teeth)... and I regret I stopped so soon!

He has been eating all sorts of solid food since 6 months old and has always loved it but since I stopped breastfeeding last June he has had daily diarrhea. He has many tests but we still do not know what's going on. His poops were always great when breastfed but they have never been normal since I stopped.

He has a mild milk allergy but that's not the reason he has this diarrhea problem. So yes I am convinced that breastfeeding in his case was bringing nutrients that he does not get anymore.

Follow your heart, there is no harm in breastfeeding a few more months!
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