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healthy heart - but circulatory issues

Hi there,

I have a question about my toddler that has been having blue lips for about 6 months.  She's 19 months old now.

A month ago her lips and mouth went blue, then she suddently went unconscious, non-breathing.  She's had blood work, chest x-rays, ECG's and holter heart monitor tests that all came back normal. She saw a pediatric cardiologist who said she has the slightest heart murmer, but the degree of her murmer is so minor there's no way it'd cause her to suddenly go unconscious.

Now something else has happend.  She was her normal self and sudenly spaced out completey.  She was staring into space, looking towards the ground with her eyes moving back and forth slightly (like reading a book).  She was not responding to any stimulation (snapping fingers in front of her nose, calling her name, lifting and dropping her arm at her side)  but she finally snapped out of it (about 20 seconds later) when her favorite toy was shaken twice.  

We have now visited a neurologist who did initial tests and said she's completely normal from what he sees.  We're scheduled to do an EEG in a month but he thinks he won't find anything.  

He thinks it's a circulatory issue because only parts of her body (lips, hands, fingers) go blue.  He said if there was a lack of oxygen that her whole body would be going blue. He told us she'll likely grow out of it and we should stop putting her throught all these tests.  

So my question is: If a pediatric cardiologist says her heart is practically perfect, could she still have a circulatory issue?  I mean, if her heart is pumping as it should etc, is it possible to have a circulatory issue, and why?  Where do we go from here?  Any insight on the entire issue would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

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