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Help with 20 year daughter pregnant and doing drugs

My daughter is 20 years old.  She ran away from home at 16 to live with her dad to avoid being held accountable (Quick background: she was doing drugs/drinking and we forbade it.  Her dad said it was "normal teen behavior" and let it go).  That turned into 4+ years of her drinking and doing drugs (nearly everything except heroin).  When she turned 18 and graduated, the child support stopped and her dad kicked her out and she refused to come home because we have rules.

She spent the past few years bouncing from boyfriend's house to boyfriend's house sleeping on couches and basement floors. Her last two boyfriends are meth addicts - and the last one is the baby daddy.  We have offered help, rehab, a new start, counseling, etc - all of which she refuses.

Now she's 6 months pregnant and living on the floor of some low level drug house with practical strangers.  She works part time at a fast food chain and has nothing.  And people are actually expecting that we'll throw a baby shower?  Am I wrong to want nothing to do with this fiasco?

We are really struggling with enabling vs helping and hate to have her swinging in the breeze but where is the line?
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Boy, I missed this.  How is your daughter doing now?  How are things going??
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