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How do I help my child?

My 16yr old is having some GI issues. She has been throwing up since Febuary and the EDG they did came up with nothing. She has taken meds to stop the puking but nothing is working. What can it be and how can I help her not even water stays down.
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Gosh, that's frustrating.  Is your child losing weight too?  Have you ruled out things like stress?  I know that sounds crazy but is a pretty classic sign for teens that have anxiety.  I would have your child get a full physical.  FULL, as in everything.  Continue working with your GI doc.  I had cyclic vomiting as a child myself and it was due to a duodenal ulcer.  It was found after about 4 months a thirty pound weight loss.  But once you've gone through all the evaluation that you could, there is also this to consider. https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/what-is-cyclic-vomiting-syndrome#1 This cyclic vomiting syndrome is rare though but does happen more in kids than other populations.  Antacids may help and make sure your child stays hydrated.  
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