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Nail Biting
My 14 yr old daughtre is biting her nails & the skin around her nails.
She also has ADD.  She was crying today because her skin & fingers are so sore.
She cannot stop & is very upset & frustrated.
She's having trouble finishing out the school year; she feels burned out & overwhelmed.
She is an honor student & her outlets are dance classes & drama.
She puts a lot of pressure on herself, but over the past month is struggling w/studying & keeping up.
What can i do to help her?
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Hello Agnes,
    age 14 is often a very stressful one for young women, and sometimes anxiety gets too strong for them to cope effectively. Nail/finger biting or hair pulling are fairly common responses to anxiety, and it sounds like your daughter is in need of some assistance. I would recommend finding a female psychologist in your area who specializes in adolescent girls so that your daughter can begin weekly therapy. The therapy can help her develop better ways to cope, help her stop chewing her fingers, and will be useful in determining if something more serious is going on than just having trouble keeping up with academics. You can meet with the therapist to determine what level of courses and activities will best meet your daughter's needs for the next academic year.

Best wishes
Rebecca Resnik
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