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Breast bud, left breast only

My daughter is 18 months and she only has one breast (her left)
that is "budding"   i stopped nursing her one month ago and for
a while the breast began to get smaller. I just checked it and it
is back to the size it was before. Can it still be prec. pubty if
it is only in one breast?   Also, her left arm was bothering her
yesterday and she was up a lot in the night crying. Seems fine
today. what to do?
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Start with your pediatrician, it is not as common but yes, breast development can occur unilaterally at least initially. It may still be benign premature thelarche, a term for NOT early puberty. Have your pediatrician be sure there is not a mass and it is true breast budding, then they can discuss with a peds endo about need for testing or not. Some workup includes blood test, maybe a pelvic ultrasound done over the abdomen to look for an ovarian cyst. Not sure what the arm is about, also another good thing to ask your pediatrician.
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