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(absence of her right lung) Oceanna's blood was to concentrated on on me area
to go ahead with the planned six months glenn surgery. Her concentration is seemingly helping recently, because her pulmonary hypertension though, since she has had RSV they have her to recesitate her three times, and she has made it because her blood has re-concentrated and 'mixed' (concentrated) back together giving her organs blood again.
Though I am sure you know by now she is on a ventilator/breathing tube and has been for three weeks ... we need help?!? I am lost; I do not want Oceanna to suffer. Houston has proposed a Lung transplant since the first cath because Dallas said they didn't know what to do I AM NOT GIVING UP. Maryland I hear is #1 and that's just what my baby needs for be special case. Though I just need opinion's. we feel so alone, in her special case but I am not giving up, her birthday is less than two weeks away and she is a survivor. Her current meds are:
Lasix her diuretic
Prevacid (for her weight gain/reflex) and keeping her high 28 cal. Feed down. Please any MEDICAL SUGGESTIONS on my baby from professional experience of the best. Will be Greatly APPRECIATED.
-graciously a proud momma of a Champion !!!
Thanks for your time any more questions feel free to ASK.
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