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constant palpitations

hi guys im 18 years old male and for about 3 years i always felt a sensation that my hear it beating like i always notice it and sometimes my chest feels heavy and sometimes it feels i also get skip beats from time to time all this is very annoying and i noticed if i eat the palpitations get worse or if i dont eat i saw a cardiologist that did a echo and a ekg and i wore a holter monitor for 48 hours   all clear except for a right bundle branch block that's sometimes there and sometimes not but she said thats nothing to worry about i also had 2 chest xrays from 2 different doctors and blood test could this all really be caused by anxiety?
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Dear Adee,

Without evaluating you, I can't say exactly what's happening with you.  However, anxiety certainly can cause these events.  That said, one of the other things that we see fairly frequently in adolescents is relative dehydration.  This causes the heart rate to increase to maintain blood pressure.  I recommend making sure that you are taking in 32-48 ounces per day of fluid (water/milk) and a salty snack (pretzels, saltines, pickles), plus not skipping meals AND eliminating any caffeine, which can also cause palpitations plus cause you to urinate more.  If you are still having symptoms despite this, you will need to return to your cardiologist to ensure that there's nothing else going on.
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