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my 5 month old

My husband and I are having issues with our 5 month old son.  

All of his Symptoms:

-Spits up 95% of the time we lay him down on his back
-Flemmy burps
-Drools all the time
-Hiccups a lot
-ALWAYS seems uncomfortable after I feed him
-He has a disgusting foul gas odour
-Constantly has thick bubbles
-Screams in so much pain

Breathing Issues:

-Gasps for air a lot
-Flailing while seems like struggling for air (majority at night when laid down)
-Turns beat red

Other Symptoms:

-Coughing after eating and burping
-Sounds stuffy and congested all the time
-Chokes when eating

We have given him Ovol drops, Gripe water, Bio Giaga drops, tylenol….etc.  Nothing seems to comfort him.  We have taken him to numerous doctors who all said it is NOT COLIC!?

Test’s Performed

-Chest x-ray
-Blood work
-Barium Swallow
-Nuclear Scan
-Urine test

Outcome they say is Reflux, aspiration, asthma.  He has been on Omeprazole, ranitidine, reglan, ventalin, flovent, pulmicort, diovol, maalox....etc....AND NOTHING is working.  He has been on all kinds of formula, and now on Alimentum.  

Family History:

-ASD (My sister- very healthy looking baby, my cousin's daughter found at a year)
-Lactose intolerant
-Reflux (Surgery required in some) Very dominant in the males
-Ear troubles (Tubes used)
-Hernias (Surgery) Very dominant in the males
-Skin issues (Eczema, psoriases)
-High Blood Pressure
-Wolf Parkinson’s White Concealed
-Allergies (Gluten, Wheat, Pets, Milk….etc)
Question is.......  Are they missing something and could it be heart related.  I believe all of this is connected but no one seems to be able to figure it out. If it is just reflux wouldn't something help him?
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If your child has had a chest xray that did not show any heart enlargement, and a barium swallow that did not show a vascular ring, and there is no heart murmur, then it would be unlikely that there is a congenital heart problem going on that would explain your child's symptoms.
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Would you be able to see a ped cardiologist.It does sound like reflux,asthma and aspiration.But it could also be heart related especially with a family history.Do you have to have a referral for your insurance or can you make your own appointment?
Have you asked you ped for a referral for the cardiologist?
It may be time for a second opinion.Having a new set of eyes on your son might help too.Hope you find some answers soon.
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