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Nonstop Coughing

My 4 year old daughter had her tonsils and adnoids removed about a year ago.  We decided to have this done because she was sick nonstop for 6 months with sore throughts and coughs and was constantly on antibiotics.  After visiting two different specialists we decided to have the surgery.  She sleeps much quieter now and does not need to be on antibiotics any more, but when she does catch a cold, she will cough nonstop day and night.  Her doctor says there is no infection just a cold.  We've tried vaporizors, honey, plenty of liquids but nothing stops the cough.  Can anyone make any suggestions?
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That is the nature of coughs , this year seems to have been bad everyone has been coughing. I think you are doing all you can ,are you giving her a supplement to help boost her immune system ,help her avoid them ,anti oxidants Vit C B complex . Children  get colds a lot at school passed on by others , get her into the wash hands mode, and maybe some sanitizer cloths in the 'cold' season. good luck
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