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What is wrong with my little girl?

Do you see anything that could signify something? My three-year old daughter is very uncomfortable. We've asked to test her for allergies but the doctor said they won't do it till she is four. We have two other young kids who are very happy and healthy. She tells us she is hurting but we can't pinpoint anything. Especially because her symptoms come and go.  Please help...Here are her symptoms...

Daughter's Signs and Symptoms
• Extremely colicky as infant
• Would spit up as a baby, sometimes projectile
• Wouldn’t eat solids for at least 10 months
• Always had to be held upright as infant
• Was always under 0% for weight and height
• Has often grunted and snored in sleep
• Appears to have inconsistent breathing patterns
• Frequent urination and thirst
• Excessively tired
• Has fused labia
• Complains of her g-g hurting
• Will fidget a lot, as if uncomfortable
• She is much shorter than others her own age (0%)
• Develops a rash around her mouth frequently
• Had diarrhea a lot as a baby
• Has several caries, from a young age, in spite of good oral hygiene and rarity of sweets
• Has fingers in her mouth most of the day
• Complains of tummy aches
• Extremely irritable, mostly before mealtime
• Will cry a lot and all of a sudden
• Sleepy eyes, one seems smaller than other
• Has always gone to bed willingly, almost begging
• Suspected to be lactose intolerance through trial and error, perhaps soy as well
• Had numerous tests done at 9 months old (barium test through a probe, ultrasound,)
• Was put on acid reflux drug, symptoms appeared to improve only briefly
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If your ped wont test her for alergees I would get a different opinon wright away.Go to an alergie specialist,you dont need a referal to go see one.
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Wow.  First of all, I just want to say how sorry I am that you  and your daughter have ben through so much.  I know how worried I get over simple stuff, so I can only imagine how worried and frustrated you are.  I am not really sure what all the symptoms are pointing to, but some of them really jumped out at me.  I'm not trying to scare you, but being excessively tired and begging to go to bed, almost sounds like Leukemia.  Does she ever have unexplained and odd bruising on her back?  Has she ever had a CBC done to see what her white count is?  If not, I would definitely get one done.  Also, I knew someone in college who had chronic fatigue syndrome, and had it his whole life.  He was always tired and had sleepy eyes.  He said there was no treatment, but that was 10 yrs ago, so you never know if there is treatment now.  Another thing that jumped out at me was the frequent urination and thirst.    The only disease I know of with those symptoms is Diabetes (I'm sure there are others, but this is what comes to my mind first).   I wish I knew how to help you, and my heart goes out to you.  I don't want to scare you by throwing out possible diseases without being a trained medical professional, but these are the things I would probably be thinking about if it were my child.  You certainly don't want to subject her to unnecessary tests, but maybe these are things you can research on your own and if you think the other symptoms fit, you can ask your doctor about them.  Hopefully, others in the forum can be more helpful, and I hope you will find answers somewhere.
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