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oxyen levels on toddlers

hi my name is marlene and i was wondering how u can  tell  when a toddler has low oxyen levels
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Usually when oxygen levels are low your fingertips, toes and lips start to turn a shade of blue.  Your child may also sound like he is having a hard time breathing and may not be wanting to move around very much.  

If you suspect that your child's saturation levels (oxygen) are low then you need to go the ER immediately.
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they also can turn a greyish looking however move the child around so to make sure it isn't a shadow on his/her lips. we have been there so many times it is unreal. I hope the sats aren't low.
if your child is having a hard time breathing, depending on the age they will also have nasal flaring(nostrils are moving) and the child will be pulling in  at the ribs or older kids on the side of the neck this is called retractions and this is called dialing 911
good luck and If you are concerned I would make an appt. with child's doctor
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Hi, marlene.  I hope everything is well with you and your family.  

Re your query, children who have low oxygen level may manifest bluish lips, toenails and fingernails.  Oxygen levels are determined by using a device that measures oxygen saturation.  This device is usually clipped on the toenail or finger, and is available in hospitals.  

My daughter also had her oxygen levels measured when her pedia-cardio requests for blood work by blood extraction.

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simple way is to c for cyanosis(blue) of nails lips.to hav an idea of anemia(low hemoglobin)luk in da lower eye lid...flaring is a symptom of decreased oxygen....however breathuing patterns.... m not sure about dat bcoz ifants dotnt hav regular breathing patterns
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