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Could it still be POP

I am new to this forum and am in need of some answers and support. I must first give my history. I have given birth to 3 large babies the biggest being 8lbs 11 oz. I am 47 years old. In 1978 I had a partial oopherectomy due to cysts and 2 surgeries for adhesions due to that surgery.  Three weeks ago after several days of vigorous exercise and shoveling a 1/8 mile long driveway twice in one day, I woke up to feel as if something was hanging out of my vagina.  I had increased urge to urinate and pelvic pain and pressure.  Also embarrassingly enough it seemed my labia minora had slipped below my labia majora(I had to look up those terms). I went to a gynecologist 2 weeks ago who did a pelvic exam and a urinalysis.  He said there was no evidence of prolapse and the urinalysis showed no bladder infection. I am scheduled to go for an ultrasound on Monday. I went out today after feeling a little better and mistakenly tried shoveling the snow and ice we got in a storm last night. When I came in I had to have a bm with some excess pushing. Right away afterwards I felt that extreme pressure like something was falling out and felt in the vaginal area and there was bulging in that area.  Right now I am feeling uncomfortable aching there. Also over the last few days I have been having back hip and leg pain to the point of needing ibuprofen to help me get comfortable enough to sleep.  I really thought before I went to the doctor that everything pointed to POP.  When he said he did not think he felt it I was shocked.   Could it be missed on physical exam and if so will my upcoming ultrasound show it? Please offer some input I am feeling pretty down with this latest flareup.
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You are having POP flags all over the place, there is NO doubt in my mind that you were right in feeling that was what your symptoms indicated. As much as I hate to say it, I hear all too often that women are misdiagnosed when they have POP. I urge you to consider finding a urogynecologist in your area who will most likely be able to diagnose as soon as a pelvic exam is done not only whether or not you have POP but also what kinds (there are 5 types) and degree. It sure sounds like rectocele (colon) and cystocele (bladder) judging by symptoms. As a woman in Milwaukee area who just got dumped on big time with snow I recognize the necessity of shoveling, but if it is at all possible, please refrain from doing it or if you absolutely must do it, please pick up a firm support garment to wear while you are doing it. The pain in your hip and leg are absolutely tied to the POP issues, often the organs/tissues put pressure on the sciatic nerve-thus the pain. Indicator flags you have are
*3 vaginal childbirths
*peri-menopause age when estrogen levels drop and muscle tissue strength with it=weak pc muscle which is the support structure for pelvic organs
*bulging tissues
*pelvic pain/pressure
*snow shoveling under physical conditions already existing
*aggressive exercise without internal support like a pessary
*hip/leg pain
Please follow up on this no matter what the ultra sound indicates, it is seldom that I say to a woman that I am sure she has POP because I am not a physician but in your case the indicators are truly there big time and I'd sure like to know that this will be addressed. Please keep me in the loop with what you find out.

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Thank you so much for your response. I will go for my ultrasound Monday and meet with my gynecologist directly afterwards if he continues to insist I don't have POP I will make an appointment with a urogynecologist. Do you happen to know of any in my area? I live in Medina, Ohio. I have one more question. After I shoveled yesterday I felt bulging and aching down there for the whole day and evening and had to take Ibuprofen for relief. Today I still have the aching but do not feel the bulging as much. Is that normal with POP or should it be unrelenting symtoms? Also you didn't really say, is it possible that my ultrasound would show the POP or does that not show up on that type of test? Again thank you this is a very isolating issue. I have been feeling very alone in my suffering.
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It is normal for POP signs/symptoms to come and go, tissues will bulge out and then recede, also when you are lying flat on the table for pelvic exam the organs can shift back into their normal positions making the POP flags less obvious. Many gyns do not catch it. When you are involved in activities that create pressure on pelvic cavity (even downward pressure from coughing/constipation), it makes POP worse. Below is a link to article on POP basics I posted to forum-


Ultrasound is not a typical test for POP, it may or may not show up depending on what they take pics of and what kind(s)  of POP you have. Urogyn will be able to tell w/o test whether or not you have POP but will probably have a couple of tests done to fine tune diagnosis/degree.

Please do not feel alone, there are millions of women in the US with this and millions more women around the world suffering with it as well. Truly time to create some awareness, it's been in the closet for way too long.

I'll send you a PM on urogyn in your area later today, have to hit the road right now so hang in there a bit longer!
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I went for my ultrasound today with my gynecologist and insisted that even though he did not see POP on exam before that I am definitely still  having  pressure and pain upon lifting and bowel movements and at other times also. My rectal and vaginal area are both achingly painful. He did another pelvic exam and found a rectocele and said my uterus is down some but not significantly.  He said that he was perplexed and went ahead and scheduled me for a hysterectomy(uterus only), rectocele repair, and urethral sling. Of course I freaked out about the hysterectomy and he said not to worry that since my ovaries would remain I would not be thrown into menopause. After all he advised he sort of sounded not convinced it is POP because nothing is hanging down. He also said that this surgery is not guaranteed to relieve my symptoms. To you I ask does this sound reasonable.  He seemed perplexed as to why I am having so much pain. Does having my uterus removed sound reasonable?
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PLEASE see a urogyn b/4 you procede with surgery, the fact that your dr is perplexed is a huge flag! Women often end up having unnecessary hysterectomies, and some gyns who do these procedures do not have the technique perfected and end result is you may still have pain or dysfunction. Do not let yourself be pushed to have surgery until you are comfortable the physician knows for sure what is going on, a urogyn will be able to give you a defitinitve diagnosis. Since there are 5 types of POP, it is important to have all POP issues addressed at the same time if possible, you don't want to have a 2nd surgery-you want this to be a one time thing whether you need a hysterectomy or not.

Please get back to me with whether or not you've been able to locate a urogyn in your area that you feel will work for you, if not I will try to help you narrow down choices.

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I have an appointment with a urogynecologist on Friday.  I will let you know what happens.
Thanks for everything!
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