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I have just found out that I have a prolapsed bladder.  I have been referred to a urogynecologist in Toronto.  I always thought I was well informed about women's issues, obviously I am not because I have never heard of this and am quite devastated - I would in a doctor's office for years :) ...

It is very uncomfortable - my GP is already suggesting surgery.  I am being fitted with a pessary this week by a local gynecologist.

Any helpful advice would be much appreciated.
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Hello!  I can relate to how you are feeling now as I was diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse with my bladder being the most severe in 2012. I also had a lot of pain due to organ putting pressure on my pudendal nerve.  I went on to have successful surgery in Sept 2012. That whole year was horrible for me, I was an emotional wreck.  I also tried pessaries and did feel some relief with them but my prolapse kept pushing them out even though I tried many sizes. The best advice I can give you is to find the best urogyne you can, which sounds like your on the right track.  If you consider surgery please research the procedure thoroughly and also the surgeon. Request urodynamic test and dynamic MRI before surgery as these tests helped me figure out things.  Also prolapse can hurt, don't let a doctor or anyone tell you otherwise,  lower back and pelvic pain and pressure are common.  Your bladder might be causing in continence and or retention all which is not uncommon.  Taking a conservative approach with a pessary and even pelvic floor exercise and or pt can help give you time to figure what route you want to pursue.  There are many options available for you to explore, you will feel better both physically and mentally once you feel like your in control.  Good luck!
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Hi darlingoria, I am in the same situation as you and considering hysterectomy. Not too pleased about that but really unsure what other options are available to me. Summer59 can you please explain urodynamic test and dynamic MRI? My gynae has not mentioned this to me. I am in Australia so procedures may be different.
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Urodynamic testing is done to see if there will be leakage when the bladder is supported.  In some bladder prolapse the urethra is kinked and and once the bladder is lifted the kink disappears and incontinence happens.  If this test is done before surgery it can help the surgeon decide if you will need an additional procedure for incontinence. A dynamic MRI is a traditional pelvic MRI but a gel like substance is inserted in your rectum and you will be asked to do certain  activities such as pushing to assess your pelvic floor.  I had both tests and they weren't that bad.  Both tests also rule out other conditions.
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I am just beginning this journey myself, having only been diagnosed yesterday.  I have been having really uncomfortable bladder symptoms for several months and feel pretty depressed about this whole thing.  I am wondering how I will continue to exercise.  I love my zumba classes!  :)  Meeting with the urogyn in 2 weeks.  I hope I leave that appt with high hopes.
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You may still be able to do Zumba.  Some ladies do this but when you see your Urogyne they will be able to tell you more about your condition and any restrictions you may have with or without an operation.  

Let us know how you get on with your Urogyne appt
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it truly is upsetting to find out that you have pelvic organ prolapse, but know that you will get to a better place both physically and emotionally. I had pretty much everything that could prolapse did and I have been surgically corrected after living with the pop issues for over 6 yrs after diagnosis and know I had uterine pop in my 20's because I was unable to keep a tampon in,  it was never diagnosed as I was dealing with other issues of health that were higher priority. I had a hysterectomy which being done by a gyn they did not tack up my vaginal cuff so this was when everything else came crashing down in my pelvis (vaginal vault prolapse, cystocele, rectocele, entrocele, intussusception)...I am at a better place but will always have to make sure I am taking good care to keep my pelvic floor healthy and strong, but also able to fully relax the muscles as well..It is wonderful that you are being fitted for a pessary as many women are extremely happy with theirs after they find the right size and can go many years without surgery. You have time to figure out how best to move forward so take a breath and know things will be ok...it is great that you will be seeing a urogynecologist as they are the best doctor for pelvic organ prolapse! Do let us know how the appointment goes!
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