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I write this just to share with those who suffer embarassing reaction from other people.

I read some people in this forum say the PATM that they suffer do not emit smell, and that their family or friend assured them that there was no smell.

I hate to say that PATM absolutely means you are a smelly person.

I dont want to waste time, but i am going to tell you that i have suffered this embarassing reaction from people almost 6-7 ago.. but i become worst in the last 2 years that every people will start covering nose,yawning or clearing throat even when I stand 3 meters from them. Even the sewage worker give the reaction!! imagine how bad the smell is.

I have tried everything you name it. I have flossed, Scaling teeth, gargling everything, eating all the pro biotic, prebiotic,charcoal and all that but it has no significant inprovement.

Until one day, I suspect that the smell must be from the air that I breath because when i close my mouth ,people still give the reaction. So , i make my own conclusion that the root of smell must be along the passage of the air. It cross to my mind that it must be the smell of PHLEGM in my throat.

Therefore, I decide to take some traditional medicine which claim it can reduce the phlegm.

Amazingly, I myself can feel no more smell from breath. And when I meet people, no more reaction, no more coughing, no more yawning, no more clearing throat.

I am very happy now. It is just simple that I take years to find this solution
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Happy that you found root cause!

Can you elaborate what traditional medicine you took? How long have noticed improvement?

For me, nasal rinse helps but the smell & reaction comes back the next day and won't help if i keep doing the nasal rinse anymore.
of course the smell would go if you rinse, because the mucous in your nose is quite related with phlegm in your throat.

the smell will come back once the phlegm come back

You can use any medicine which can reduce or get rid of phlegm. Because the aim is to get rid of phlegm. Once the phlegm gone, the smell will be gone
the nasal spray + nasal lubrifiant
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Happy for you bro.. but still cant explain why i get reaction through   internet live streams and live TV shows.. or maybe im juts crazy lol..
no your not crazy.  And 100% patm does not have a smell.   I'm happy that person is well but I very much doubt phlegm is the cause

Dont worry if the reaction is through internet or media. It has nothing to do with smell. It is just the way people react to something for example they feel shy or they want speak lie, or they want to fill the gap between conversation, or itis the eay they speak while scrathibg the nose or coughing
NiceJoe, you're entirely 100% wrong. LifetimeCurse is correct, this happens to people via live streams over the internet and live broadcasts on TV - and something you obviously forgot when responding is that THE PEOPLE ON THE OTHER END CANNOT SEE YOU AND DON'T KNOW YOU ARE THERE. YOU KNOW THE MOMENT YOU LOOK AT THEM AND DO SOMETHING BECAUSE THEY RESPOND TO IT - EVEN ON LIVE TV OR ON A WEB BROADCAST WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING YOU'RE THERE. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SHYNESS, AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH COVERT ENERGY TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION.

It has NOTHING to do with "smell" or "phlegm" or anything else like that because these people do not even share the same air space as you online or wherever they broadcast from. You are able to electromagnetically charge particles in the air to DO things, to relay information and...some may interact with people without their consent because of this. Who or what did this to us is the cause of what many having PATM that show signs of it DIGITALLY are contending with.

If that happens to you, only when people are near by and not when you're in another room and they're not affected by you if you can only see them without them ever knowing you're there...then you have something else which is probably able to be dealt with.

People may have been electromagnetically chipped by nano-aerosol distributions, and they expected everyone to be unwitting transmitters and receivers for those who wanted to exploit this and the privacy of people globally, but they didn't get it right, it backfired, and we're able to partially manipulate it ourselves but without proper control.

There is more to it than that, there's at least a few elements to this that go beyond who and what is trying to exploit this, but let's just say that one mentioned above is the elephant in the room for anyone that has witnessed this and knows what I am talking about. There are people who have this and are partially able to do this to others without realizing any of this yet...
Yes, I do believe phlegm is the cause. I have been thinking the same exact thing for a long time but just wasn't sure. the reason I say that is because it is the only thing that I can Smell on Myself. when I breathe through my nose I can smell it.
I just started taking two Benadryl gel tabs at night I can tell the difference in the thickness of the phlegm as well as the color. for some reason, gel tabs work better.
   I am not free yet but I can definitely tell a difference.
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what kind of traditional medicine bro? can u elaborate plss
You can use any medicine which can reduce or get rid of phlegm. Because the aim is to get rid of phlegm. Once the phlegm gone, the smell will be gone
I really think you are right about the phlegm. It is not coming from the body but from the throat and through the nose. I have phlegm constantly and it looks and smells badly.
I too have constant phlegm and it annoys a lot of people. You might be on to something.
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If this holds true, then that explains why cleaning my tongue helps with reducing the PATM reactions. Completely does not remove PATM problems so please provide us with the alternative medication that you are using.

Yes it helps Ray just like getting rid of the yeast in my case, but alas patm is still there.  
You can use any medicine which can reduce or get rid of phlegm. Because the aim is to get rid of phlegm. Once the phlegm gone, the smell will be gone
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Of course your phlegm will affect your saliva and tounge, and thats why your saliva smell bad.

That also explain why people who take some medicine like black seed, or gargling baking soda, rinse the nose will find some improvement in smell but it comes back again. That is because those medicine or what they are doing will help reducing the phlegm.

At first I dont believe it is because of phlegm until I tried everything but the problem still there, so there must be something hidden I didnt notice.

When you breath out the air, it will pass through your throat and the air will pass the smell of phlegm and out through your nose. That ecplain why people in a room will start covering nose or coughing once you enter the room. It is because of the air you exhale.

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Everyone saying that it is a bad smell, paradoxically nobody tells you or your best friend or family? and what do they say about allergic reactions like escosor, sneezing, picason in the eye, etc? One thing is to cover your nose and clear your throat with coughs and is another when they are because of allergies ...... Here they are only taking into account as if it were a bad smell. Maybe if they said that our saliva emits some type of allergic gas, it would have some logic. If so, you should have a medical examination of the salivary glands, maybe there is something lodged in them .......
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Nasal and throat cleaning with sea salt and baking soda in warm water like 3 times a day or if not with a well-measured oxygenated water solution that is stronger, that would reduce substantially since when washing the nose the liquid penetrates to the throat and takes out Yellow phlegm when you are with the flu. But, unfortunately that I already did, I did the sea salt and bicarbonate for almost 1 month periodically and it did not work on me, maybe I would have to try with the strongest that includes oxygenated water. On Youtube there are guides about it. I repeat, I tried and it did not work, you have to be very careful with those nasal washes because if we exajeramos we would destroy the olfactory membrane and loss of capacity .....
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Phelgm or mucus is part of the body's defense against infection. When pathogens are present, your body responds by producing mucus to protect itself.

I think the mucus is a symptom, not the cause.
Including reactions to synthetic biology and hybrid pathogens, yes.
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It does not have a smell. I flew to Florida to meet someone with PATM and it doesn’t have an odor. We both concluded that we don’t emit a smell and we weren’t allergic to each other.
Interesting, maybe this is all its just in our head.. But do you feel hot around him/her? Bcs some people includinh me  agree that we patmers emit hotness..btw sorry for my english, i hope u understand
100% no smell.  BUT it does carry smells.   The reaction i get is nail biting but its in direct relation to the parasites i had(have) .  When i met with a patmer in Las Vegas. My stomach rumbled the whole time (one of his common reactions)  yet there was no smell.from him either.  I know you all dont want to believe or have something different.  Untill you accept what this REALLY is you will never find a cure.   Findacure111.  Good to see you are also meeting with others with patm.  Easier to see when your there
Mauren, i def don’t think it’s in my head. I think the reason why we weren’t allergic to each other is probably because we both have the bug or whatever it is. And yes people do complain that they get hot when they’re around me and that’s because i believe their heart rate increases. At one of the hospitals I worked at, the patients wore heart monitors and I would see their heart rates rise the moment I walked into their rooms. I also think they get more stuffy so they feel like they’re heating up. I’m not too sure. But when I was around the patmer, we didn’t feel like we were heating up. We didn’t feel anything honestly. It was strange. I’m flying to see him again for the weekend of Oct 25 so I’ll see if anything changes. When we went out to dinner at a restaurant, the waitress kept rubbing her nose repeatedly while he was talking to her and I couldn’t feel or smell anything and I was right next to him. I reassured him that he wasn’t emitting an odor and maybe she was just sensitive to him.  The only time I rubbed my nose was when he was having his ice cream shake. But I rubbed it maybe only twice because I would feel water dripping down from one nostril.  But that only happened maybe 2 times and that was it.  But i never felt anything and he never smelled. I smelled his breath and it smelled like nothing. He said the same thing about me.
Helpsacemykids, I remember you told me your stomach was rumbling when you met the patmer, but when I met mine that didn’t happen. My stomach was calm. I asked him if he felt any stomach pain or any rumbling and he said nope. I honestly think some people get upset stomachaches when they’re around me or they feel uncomfortable or something. But with the guy I met, we were actually very comfortable with each other. I could tell he wasn’t feeling uncomfortable just by the way he acted around me. I think some people are more sensitive to me. I would like to meet another patmer to see if maybe I’ll feel something different with another person. This condition is so strange.
I cause people to get upset stomach, why do I know this? because they keep complaining about a sudden stomach ache. my father instantly gets a sick stomach and goes to the toilet everytime I visit..
People say they feel sick or really hungry around me LOL
Yes, same for me. I got feedback from a fellow PATM/"body odor" sufferer. She's sure it's Olfactory Reference Syndrome in her case.
And also in my case, because I get the same "reactions" and I don't emit a smell at all. Even no bad breath in the morning. To be honest I would recommend anyone to NOT rule out that it may be in your head. I know how real and clear the reactions seem to be, but consider to challenge your beliefs. There's nothing to lose, but an easier life to win.
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I finally found people who can relate to my heart wrenching problem I have been dealing with for the past 3 years.
Background: I’m a 20 year old female in my third year of college. I take very good care of myself; if anything I consider myself to be a slight germophobe if you must. I brush and floss twice a day, I shower sometimes twice a day, and I use perfume and scented lotions. In highschool, there was a particular girl who would always compliment me on my fragrance. Naturally, I felt good about it because I often times feel like my perfume “goes away” after an hour of me using it, however, her compliments assured me that even if I couldn’t smell my perfume others still could. Anyways, fast forward I’m a freshman and college and one day I randomly notice that people would often times rub their noses whenever I was around them (much like how you would if you had an itchy nose. I, personally, have  found that I rub my nose when I smell something unpleasant, such as body odor, bad breath, etc. so when people started rubbing their noses like that around me I immediately begin to panic. Even when I’m home with my family, my parents, especially, would do the same and when I would ask them about it, they assured me I didn’t stink but that their nose was itchy. My dad in particular is a very straightforward person and wouldn’t mind telling me I had bad breath or had body odor, so that was a little assuring when he said I didn’t. Yet, I would still notice this gesture EVRYWHERE I went. I’ve been to a doctor, my dentist, etc. I even plan to go to a therapist because it’s literally ruining my social life. I have bad social anxiety because of this so now when I’m talking to people and they begin to rub their nose, it’s like I immediately shut down and the conversation abruptly and awkwardly dies off simply because I’m afraid that idk I stink or my breath stinks? I’ve asked many of my friends who all stated that they just have itchy noses or their allergies. And believe or not, the thing sounds PATHETIC to me because now I’m thinking, What? So now EVERYBODY has itchy noses or allergies? Pure BS. I used to be afraid to ask people why they do it when I notice it, but now I boldly do and every time the person doesn’t even realize that they rub my nose. I did have a female friend tell me one time that the perfume I wear is kind of strong, but he never rubbed or “scratched” his nose around me so I didn’t take his comment any serious. This issue has made me so depressed and socially awkward. I already am a person with very low self esteem so this issue has literally turned me into a timid Tina :(. I don’t know what else to do. My dad claims that the only time I will feel satisfied is if someone tells me what I think is true. In other words, the day someone tells me that I have bad breath is the day I would stop speculating why people rub their noses and conclude that whenever someone rubs their nose it’s because my breath stinks; however that’s not the case because I don’t have a breath problem. Idk what to do guys. Like I said, my personal hygiene is top priority for me and doctors claim I don’t have any infections or diseases (GERD, tonsil stones, etc) so I’m not sure why I keep noticing this everywhere. I went to my professors office hours today and he too rubbed his nose quite frequently. Saddened by this, after the meeting, I went straight to my car and cried. This thing is ruining my life and idk what to do about it. I didn’t intend to make this extremely long and I do apologize. Does anyone have any suggestions please?
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Can I specify the name of the drug for you use
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I had that extreme that even sewage workers could smell it. I tried fasting and that helped alot plus sunny wheather.  I moved.  How did you find out sewage workers were smelling it and are you sure it isnt in your anal area?
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