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I have a Hookworm??

Ill try and keep this organized.  I just have so much anxiety from what may be the answer, at least for me and possibly others.  

In the very beginning, when I had patm symptoms, but didn't even know it yet, I noticed there was a brown small mark on my wrist.  This mark traveled up my arm about a quarter of my whole arm length.  This was during a time when my skin was very inflamed, skin colored lumps on my face, laziness and tiredness, gas that smelled exactly like what I ate and also sometimes just very bad smelling, eyes were turning yellow, I had a fever that never went away, bloated, white tongue, very bad rash on both of my arms on the outside, and I'm prob forgetting a few things.  I felt so disgusting.  That mark that was on my arm, I was concerned about it, but didn't pay attention to it cuz there was already so much that was wrong with me, I just put it on the tab.  I did a cleanse for every organ, including a parasite cleanse.  Ppl back then, and some still to this day, believe our problem is a parasite problem.  After doing every cleanse and supplement and diet, I had rid patm 100%.  I blamed myself for patm returning due to my excessive drinking and bad eating habits.  

Heres where it gets interesting.  An of 3 months ago, I was living in an apt that had a spider problem.  I didn't care, cuz they ate other bugs that I wouldn't like.  I sleep naked a lot of times, even when I moved to that apt w the spider problem, I still slept naked.  I woke up 1 day and was itching on my butt pretty bad.  Looked in the mirror, and I was sure it was a spider bite.  Knowing that w patm, I attract certain insects, I was thinking it was inevitable that I get bit, if I attract spiders as well.  My friend, whom Ive told y'all about, was sure it was a spider as well.  Well, a few weeks ago, she was telling me that it looks like a worm.  If I could show y'all a pic I would, and y'all would agree too.  If u just look at my a**, theres almost no doubt its a worm.  I didn't want to immediately think it was a worm, cuz thats gross, so I just kept on thinking it was a bite.  I let it go for a few days and it was getting worse.  Not only that, it moved a little, and in a circular formation.  To this day, I've been applying this strong cream that I got from my nurse buddy, and it seemed like it was helping.  I stopped a couple days and it was back to the same extreme itchiness.  Not only that, but to this day, it has traveled in a full circle on my butt cheek, and has moved up vertically a little now.  Thats right, it now looks like a big question mark.  Its leaving a black bruised mark everywhere it travels, and also small blisters directly behind it.  But as it moves, the blisters fade, but there are always blisters directly behind it.  

Me and my friend did some wormy research.  The thing on my butt looks just like pics of hookworms on google.  Not the really bad ones, but the pic w the small circular one lol.  The symptoms of worm parasites include almost everything that I've BEEN having problems with.  These worms are intestinal parasites that release toxins.  Are these toxins creating an environment for bad bacteria overgrowth, hence my white tongue and all the other symptoms and skin issues?  Worm symptoms include gas that smells pretty dang bad, diarrhea, bloating, extreme tiredness and fatigue etc.  These are issues I've had problems with.  

In conclusion, that long thing that travelled on my arm could've been a worm.  Maybe w all that I did, including the parasite cleanse, helped short term, but if I really do have a worm in me, I probably didn't completely kill all of them, or ANY for all I know.  Or maybe its just 1.  1 that I've had for a few years now.  They attach in ur intestine and feed.  I read they lay eggs, but it passes in your feces.  So they don't hatch in you apparently.  But just look at my butt ppl, if thats not a worm, then maybe Im not  Mexican.  Man I'm betting its a worm.  after reading what symptoms they bring, I can't help but wonder if this is the root to my problem.  Kill the worm, kill the source of all the symptoms.  All the dieting and probiotics smh.  You wonder why we say we are seeing less reactions today, and I'm 80% cured today, and tomorrow it could change.  As I am ridding my body of toxins, this worm/worms are releasing more, and the cycle continues.  

Patm has caused more pain than anybody will ever know.  Only ppl w this problem know.  The crazy thing is, if this is a worm, its caused so many problems for sooo long, and its sooo easy to kill it.  Takes about 3 days.  I can't even sleep tonight cuz I feel like this is the answer.  I go to the doc tomorrow, and I'm gonna make him diagnose me correctly lol.  Im not letting this fail.  I got all the info and pics ready to go for the doctor, and I CANT WAIT to show him my a**.  I know some might reply on here w sum scientific mumbo jumbo on now this can't be a worm, but the signs don't lie.  The signs right on my a**.  

Ill let y'all know how this goes in a few days.  Maybe ill be normal again.  Oh man, Ill be praying.  Whats funny is that I haven't been praying, and I prayed today after a long time, and found hopeful news.  Glory be to God.
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Correction:  Maybe not necessarily a hookworm, but some kind of worm.  And worms attack our immune system.  Is it possible for our bodies to get so toxic, that we effect others immune systems as well?  Like I mentioned before, idk if this is everyones problem, or if patm can be triggered in different ways, but I'm pretty sure I got a worm friend.
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Hey Choppa, any updates? I did have ringworm myself, but it's basically gone now from using Lamasil spray and antifungal soap. I read that candidiasis allows for ringworm and other fungal infections to thrive because candida is a fungus itself. So, I don't think the ringworm/hookworm is the main issue, it's more of a sign that something else is allowing this infection to take hold.

Anyway, I remember you had success using oxy powder and other stuff before and were planning to do the same thing. Any luck this time around?
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I also just found out I have a worm infestation.  I believe patm was first and these things got in afterward.  I’m fighting it all now. Man o man it’s hard to believe all this is happening.  
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