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PATM due to various factors -Solution

I dont want to write a lot so i will go straight to the point how i recently discovered the root of this PATM problem. I strongly believe if we overcome this "root" problem, we will be free from PATM.

But, to begin with if you suffer this PATM, and you notice the people near to you are covering the nose or coughing or sneezing or rubbing the nose, i would like to tell you that certainly you have BAD ODOR ,it is either smelly body odor or bad breath.

if your friend or family telling that your smell is okay, i bet they are trying not to embrass you. The reason is simple, if there is no smell, why they rubbing nose or covering nose? These 2 action definitely about smelly bad odor.

So, where this odor come from?

The odor come from various part of your body and it varies from one PATM sufferer to other.
That is why, most PATM sufferer cannot solve their odor problem.. because they may have solved one part but the odor still come from other part of body.

I take myself for example, i discovered that my odor come from various part i.e armpit, mouth/tounge,the space between cheek and gum and back throat,

Before i discovered this problem, people would cover the nose even tough they are 3-4 metres from me if i start talking.. that how bad PATM.I suffered. At first, i tought my problem is only oral thrush, so i brush every space in mouth including the space between cheek and gum. The result was, 50% my odor gone.

Unsatisfied with that,  i try to see my mouth in front of mirror and discovered that there is somethingwhite stain at the opening of throat (possobly thrush). So i brush this stain.The result is, my mouth odor reduce to around 90%. Please did not give reaction if i talk within  1 metre

I still did not satisfied because when i talk to people near to me, this still give reaction like yawning or rubbing nose.

After I did some reading, now i discover that my bad breath is due to the smelly saliva. If i lecked my hand, i will give bad smell even though i just brush the teeth.

And the culprit responsible.for the smelly saliva is ACID.

yes it is Acid that promote tje growth of bacteria in mouth which make the saliva smell bad.

This acid come from some food that we consume.

The same happen if you have bad armpit odor. It is all due to your body contain much acid.

So the only solution to get out from PATM is by maintaining the PH level of your body or try to be a little alkaline (please consult your doctor before doing this)
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I agree with everything you said and I like to add that bad bacteria in the small/large intestine is producing methane or hydrogen which gives you sticky gas. The goal is to eliminate this bad bacteria from our intestines.
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Okay fair. I'm still puzzled as to how this disease travels so quickly and at such far distances. I've been dealing with this for two years and at this point I can without a doubt that I make people scratch their noses, sneeze, cough in other rooms, via phone or video conference. It's truly unbelievable and yet, it is true.
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I agree with you, this thing goes through phone lines.
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How does smell go through phone lines?  
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I don’t think it is smell
mine is 100% not a smell.  it can carry smells but it is normally no smell with mine.   I received back my hair samples also.  The only thing that stood out is low copper.  I will post the complete paper shortly
Then it's Spiritual somehow but how and why, Nothing else make sense.
led light transmission, 5g and Wi-Fi. there is so much out there that does make sense in my opinion.  Just have to keep narrowing it down.  If all goes well I'm going to Berkeley Ca. on Saturday to talk with a frequency specialist.   What I have is not what everyone else on here has according to what I read.  But I also know others  on here do have what I have.   To believe that it is just an old school normal heath problem shows that either we have different things or some don't want to believe what is really going on here.
@Helpsavemykids: Did you have the meeting with that frequency specialist? Anything interesting?
@PATMmm I think it's Spiritual too
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Hi I am a co-sufferer, You may be right, but I want to tell you that there are patm sufferer that do not have an odor.. Like me, not all PATM sufferer has an odor problem..
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Mine doesn’t have a smell either and I also believe that sometimes it can go through phone lines. I know it sounds crazy and when I told my friend she thought it was crazy and that it was all in my head because  this sounds like a disease from the future or something.  I’m starting to notice that the more I try and fight this disease with supplements, the stronger the disease gets. The new ailment that I’ve been noticing is that I can cause other people bloating, including myself. If i have conversations with people at work specifically, i notice that my stomach will start bloating after a while and maybe it’s from all the air and bacteria circulating  out of my mouth. Because a lot of my patients at work and staff as well have complained of bloating. I’m constantly having to give my patients Maalox for the bloating and I get bloating as well when I’m at work or if I’m hanging out with my friends and talking to them. Ive had PATM for over 10 years and never  noticed bloating or nausea to be a problem until recently. Does anyone else have this bloating issue with PATM ?
You won't get to know what it is unless you believe it's Spiritual.
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To me it appears air noises in my intestines and stomach, but this I control when I relax, this happens when I feel stressed or nervous, but when you get in the head security this disappears ......... ...... My PATM is the same, when I'm anxious stressed nervous PATM gets worse, but when I'm relaxed PATM disappears. Is linked to our mind apparently, something does not fit ...... Previous week I did not receive reactions from people, just because I decided to be calm in addition to eating about 5 servings a day in portions as I normally ate before.
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I have the same thing. 90% of the time I can't feel it, but on rare occasions I can feel like air escaping or bubbling in my intestines near my rear. My family actually managed to smell it 2 times while I was in a panic and described it as if I was excessively gassy.... yes... I couldn't feel the gas escaping at all, but they said my odor this whole time has been gas from a nervous stomach. Before this happened they kept telling me I was crazy about this odor thing but now they experienced it themselves and believe it's real.

My theory is the main part of this is the nervous gas. This is pretty normal, a lot of other people without strong odor and patm experience nervous gas too. But because we're so stressed out and panicking all the time being around others - fearful of reactions -- the stress on our bodies from this fight or flight mode is causing us indigestion as well. Stress can affect the stomach acid in our bodies. I think it's worse for a lot of us after eating because we panic and the stomach acid gets unbalanced -- with not enough or too much acid the food is improperly digested now and causing lots of excessive gas; so even if we're calm for the most part that day, the impaired digestion element is in there too.

Going on beta blockers might help a lot of us.
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The same here , when I’m nervous or stress ( which lately is 24/7 my patm is to the roof ) , even the neighbors ( beside my flatmates which r sneezing coughing and have stuffed nose always when I’m home ) are coupghing and sneezing .... I have Toby control my stress :/ also lately got tested positive for helicobacter and with antibiotics I got even much worse now ... i know my condition is related to couple of factories , my liver has inflammation, my spleen is very large for my size ( 23.5 cm ) and my height is 173cm , the gut flora Is the other factor and i was reading how stress can change the gut flora and vice versa just recently , also I think my body is very acidic  
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I forgot one thing , if I see or here someone sniffing or having a reaction to me I get even more nervous and think about patm . I start to smell more ! Much more ! It’s ctazy , if I go out on the street or gym I have music in my ears and kind of forget about the smell and patm and the reaction and smell so much much less .. As I see sometimes but not like when I can hear them coughing
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I found out that I can scrape the back of my tongue and this yellowish type coating will be attached to the tongue scrapper. Keeping the back of my tongue clean has really made a difference.

I have an appointment with doctor in two weeks and I’m going to make sure that she runs a biopsy on this coating on my tongue. This coating also gives me bad breath and PATM reactions.
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People at work are really sick but it’s not me that’s causing their sickness it’s the pollen coming off the trees.
For once I am not the cause of their suffering. Talking to a couple of them, they say that this happens twice a year once in the fall and another time in the spring.
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Ray2502 please keep Us updated
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I am a Brazilian biomedical scientist and I have stated that PATM is caused by the presence of fungi in regions of the oronasal mucosa, so it affects the nasal sinuses, throat, tonsils, tongue and oropharynx, with the swallowing of the saliva ends up taking the microorganism inland of the stomach and intestine, so there is the release by pores of the skin, not of the fungus itself but of its metabolic byproducts. Antibiotics have no effect in this case, but antifungal, even a few years ago I started a research protocol but I did not go through lack of support from the users of this site who insist that PATM is an exclusively biochemical problem.
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This is probably the best explanation of PATM  I've seen in a while---as I've maintained, there is a skin and mucosal hosting of some sort of pathogen(s)...while there is a release of metabolic byproducts by the skin, I believe that the skin is also hosting something that feeds off oil...so maybe some kind of fungus for the mucosal tissues and a skin co-infection (maybe mycobacteria?)  In my case, I think the fungal component produces extremely strange environmental phenomena (there are just a handful of us here on the board that have this---some describe it as electrical but I believe it is more some sort of weird atmospheric pressure alteration...)
thank you for your post.  In your opinion could that mystery fungus possibly be black mold?     I've posted many things here.  One of them being a strange black dot in my eye that appeared when my patm did.  I 100% attribute some of the reactions to my eyes.  It also comes out of my mouth but that seems to be all.  The best way I can explain the eye patm on here is "line of sight" causes more reactions for sure but heres what os obvious to me. If I lay in bed and keep my eyes closed for a while reactions (people and enviorment) will cease but at the exact instant I open them I will hear the popping sounds around the room and the kids will start to stir.   I have dedicated most of my research lately to frequencies but the black mold has always been on the probability list.   Also has anyone received a brain scan?  
We continue in the same, everyone has a valid hypothesis, even the most crazy, the problem or the missing and very important of all is the test of all these hypotheses, no one has it, will be mold ?, mental neurological electric? Will alteration of the intestinal flora? will it be kidney problems? etcs etc blah blah Osea, we are in the same, they say they are biologists, engineers and they throw a hypothesis something logical but nobody proves it ... Previously as 2 ago I stress that hypothesis and many of this forum got into the body Antibiotics of all kinds, even the most powerful Like the extract of Oregano among others, after a few months they said that the doctor detected candid, but gentlemen is something obvious after getting so potent antibiotics that surely annihilate the intestinal flora ... .. I read writings about 7 years ago and there clearly an Individual owner of PATM said that the problem was in the sinus nostrils and everyone "threw" stone telling him that the mockery was being made, the individual said that he had disappeared after a nasal surgery. If we read previous writings many repeated this same hypothesis, nobody tried it so far, ...... Hopefully it comes to prove why we are still in it, for my part I am trying to prove things as if it is contagious or not, the speed of dispersion it has, it is practically incredible the dissemination, it is as if it had the speed of light, it is more, it discriminates the environment or climate ....... Any advance is good research. In my case apparently the PATM decreases every time. Greetings.
Seguimos en la misma, todos tienen una hipótesis valida, hasta el mas descabellado, el problema o lo faltante y muy importante de todo es la prueba de todas esas hipótesis, nadie la tiene, sera moho?, sera mental neurológico eléctrico? sera alteración de la flora intestinal ? sera problemas del hígado riñón? etcs etcs bla bla. Osea, estamos en la misma, dicen ser biólogos,  ingenieros y tiran una hipótesis algo lógico pero nadie la prueba.… Anteriormente como hace 2 remarco esa hipótesis y muchos de este foro se metieron en el cuerpo  Antibióticos de toda índole, hasta los mas potentes como el extracto de Orégano entre otros, después de unos meses dijeron que el medico les detecto cándida, pero señores es algo obvio después de meterse tan potentes antibióticos que seguramente aniquilo la flora intestinal….. Leí escritos de hace como 7 años y ahí claramente un Individuo poseedor de PATM dijo que el problema radicaba en las fosas senos nasales y todos le “tiraron” piedra diciéndole que se estaba haciendo la burla, el individuo dijo que había desaparecido después de una cirugía nasal. Si leemos escritos anteriores muchos repitieron esta misma hipótesis, nadie hasta ahora lo probo,…… Ojala se llegue a probar por que seguimos en la misma, por mi parte estoy tratando de probar cosas como si es contagioso o no, la velocidad de dispersión que tiene, prácticamente es increíble la diseminación, es como si tuviera la velocidad de la luz, es mas, discrimina el ambiente o clima……. Cualquier avance es bueno de investigación. En mi caso al parecer el PATM cada ves disminuye. Saludos.
Hi RavenCold,

You maybe on the right track. I have recently been reading about bioaerosols, which  can "consist of bacteria, fungi (and spores and cell fragments of fungi), viruses, microbial toxins, pollen, plant fibers, etc" (taken from Wiki). What I found interesting is that spores can travel 150 meters while viruses can travel 200,000 km. The smaller the bioaerosol the farther it can travel.

These fungi maybe living symbiotically within us therefore have the ability to defend the body from other pathogens, bacteria etc. so that is why we don't get sick easily. I was trying to see if there were any hierarchy lists for fungus, bacteria and viruses to see which have more strength and ability to win if competing against each other. My other theory is that we ourselves also experience allergy type symptoms but low-grade so our body is chronically on high alert therefore if anything invades, it's already prepared (if you get what I mean).

I was trying to see if anyone could test me for bioaerosols or even VOC gases I might be releasing. I also wanted to do a culture of my nose, sputum and ear wax (if even possible) as I produce a lot of it which means my body is protecting me from "something". The nasal, sputum, ear wax would likely contain the bioareosol within its matrix.

Based on RavenCold's post we need to test the oronasal mucosa to find what microorganism is causing all of this. This may be the answer to all of this.

Helpsavemykids, There is a high probability of being fungal ball in the breasts of the face or lung.

I have been following this forum for years, since my graduation, today I am postgraduate in hematology and clinical pathology, as a researcher, I can affirm that of all the data that I have already collected in PATMER'S, what is the most difficult to advance is the wide expression of the symptomatology . There are some suggestive exams that I can indicate, but I need the individual to perform the exams and report the award. Science works with reports, only then can we confirm hypotheses and bring them to the mainstream media.

Hello, I have a form in google docs, which I make available to everyone who comes to me with questions about PATM. Some years ago I made my email available and since then I have received messages from countless countries in several languages about PATM crises. I ask you to fill out the form, because the more data you collect the better for the completion of a survey.

Link of form: https://forms.gle/rGMc7LmekCe45WSP9


     Marcelo B.
Hi again,

I have posted a link below to a summarized research paper I found on **** website sometime ago. I believe it is done by a PATMer (not sure) anyways, the one thing I found interesting was the microbial species isolated from the nasal cavity. In particular, Rhodotorula Mucilaginosa, a fungal species. I remember reading somewhere that it can produce allergens and involved in allergic diseases. I wonder if this is the fungal species causing all of our symptoms.
Oops forgot to post the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GYGnJQMEs3x_iPGpqnWlYIPV2uLWdC2g/view
Found on M-E-B-O
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You are rigth is about some odor. I have bad breath, mild armpit odor and farts alot. If I sit I pass gas. It's like something is farting in my belly everytime  and I can hold my fart. Is like the bacteria in my body are travells through walls. Because my neighbours in their house will sneeze and cough when the thing in my body farts. It's like a big bacteria or parasite. I also at work.

I think it's spiritual manifesting in the natural.
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To people going through PATM,try to take a lot of probiotics,drink lot of clean warm water and eat healthy a lot .. I hope this answer help u guys because it seems the effects of my patm started to lose its effects after 3 weeks(people still sneeze when I talked but there is no anymore a cough sounds).I believe the patm was actually a bad gas that was released from our stomach and we need to care for it.Hope this help u.
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HI All! People are stating they are being cured from this! Including PATM and/or Body/Breath odor sufferers.  Please visit “The Gut War” YouTube videos. We are all on the discord site. It’s a beautiful, welcoming, and supportive community. Not to mention, more people are claiming to be cured. Its amazing.
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