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Studies and treatment

i want to start an organization to help find a cure for patm. if you feel bugs crawling on you, and you itch and you make people itch around you, if you make people sneeze, you need to be part of this group. i have had this for about 20 years, been to several doctors..still no help. it's time to get things done ourselves. let me know if you are intersted.
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Have you looked into the Morgellons disease?
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yes, but Morgellons seams to be another category. i don't think that is what i have . i dont have any lesions, nor do i have fibers. although, i do have to say, that when i am in the car, on a bright sunny day, when the sun rays let you see all the dust in the air, i do see fiber like objects floating in the air. i don't know if that is common with other people "normal" people. but it makes me wonder if those 'fibers' have something to do with this. they do look a little 'wierd', they kinda look like morgellons fiber pictures, small fibers, curled up. i dont know.
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iv had these symptoms for over a year and i was in the hospital for a drug over dose an they said in the cat scan it looked like i had a kidney stone but they did nothing about it these are my symptoms

think/feel like urine or somthings coming out of my penis
moist rectum
sweaty genital area
testical pain and tingaling
penis spasems
urgency to urinate
when i pee only a little bit comes out but i have more in me
burning sensation when i do pee
cloudy urine
pain in abdomin
musecle spasems
loss of appitite
kidney pain
weakness in body
pressure in rectum
white cunk on toung
night sweats

and with these symptoms it has givin me anxiety wich makes me feel when i have urgency im actully going in my pants and people are looking and laughing at me , alchol is the only thing that hides all the symptoms and makes me feel normal and i dont wana have to use alchol to help myself and become an alcholic some one please help me iv been tested for stds i dont have any
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Just wondering if you found a solution to this.  I have recently had white matter constantly leaving my hair and I am desperate to find a solution.  It appears we are having the same prolem.
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Like micha64us said, I think we are the host for something; but I don't know what.  It could be tiny (microscopic) bugs, mycobacteria, protozoans, something else although I can't think of what.  I am trying to find someone who takes it seriously.  It seems that anything I use on my hair or skin, especially (for me) Comet bathroom spray which is largely citric acid with a surfactant helps.  I have 1-2 days out of a typical week where I am nearly symptom free. It was worse half a year ago, but still very much present.  I know that it is contagious, because some people at my office are having their own symptoms of having the floaters when they move/speak, or excessive "dust" on their stuff, and the "lint" balls.  

There might be some psychological component and I do know some aggressive people in meetings fluff or toss their hair or cough pointedly, but I think in general it is just that people are irritated by this stuff and it is a physical reaction.

I do not know why doctors don't take it seriously!  It is not just a laundry problem.
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I suffer from a extreme problem and the doctors told me it was bacteria overgrowth in the belly. Check my posts and get back to me.
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What's good I'm down
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I don't have an answer to what is going on but I been going through this for the last 3-4 months now I notice a long time ago I had theses same symptoms but it never lasted this long I am so over it and I wish I knew what to do it done horny the point Robert I have thoughts in my head just so i want have to deal with it anylonger can't feel comfortable at work cause of the reactions i get from from  you know it's you giveing the reaction and they do to they just don't know what's wrong and why and you scared to say something cause they gone think you crazy so there's no point I done talk to a doctor and I work at a hospital and he tells me he never heard of this condition my doctor said the same thing so who do I talk to.
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