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Please help - Weired things are happening


At the age of about 19 I started working out in gym.

Normally when working out, my muscles would take a day or two to recover while being slightly sore and stiff, until one day when I was training my abs, it took me literally TWO WEEKS to recover. The normal stiffness and pains after exercising was much more intense and prolonged. After the prolonged stiffness eventually disappeared, I started feeling slightly painful marble like nodules all over my abdomen area as well as chest arms and back area. The nodules were situated in between my skin and muscles and what’s strange is, it only appeared in areas where there are muscles, which I train often, such as my biceps, deltoids, chest, lats and abs.

The nodules in my abdomen grew at an alarming rate while the ones on the rest of my upper body was not growing much. I then went for a biopsy and it turned out to be DEAD FAT.

At the same time my white blood cell count was a bit low. I was always feeling overtired. I couldn’t eat properly, had no appetite. I couldn’t sleep because I was getting cold night sweats every single night for about a month or more.

A few months down the line and my blood seems normal again. I’m eating well, sleeping well and feel good. The fat nodules seems to have disappeared, BUT LEAVING CAVITIES IN AREAS WHERE THERE WERE BIG NODULES, ALMOST AS THOUGH SOME OF MY MUSCLE TISSUE DISAPPEARED ALONG WITH THE FAT.

When all was well again, I started cycling again. After a few weeks of intense cycling, I EXPERIENCED THE SAME FAT NODULES ALL OVER MY LEGS. Marble like masses in between the skin and muscle. I stop cycling and it goes away after a few months, also leaving slight cavities. Its like you can almost see the dents in my legs where the nodules use to be.

Since then I have been doing no exercise at all and have not experienced any more fat nodules.

Can stress cause all of this?

Please help.


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This pathology is alittle out of the physicaI therapy realm.  I would suggest seeing an internal medicine doctor first and get a full physical and blood work up.  Best in health, JAG
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