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patela dislocation

I m 21...and frm last 5 years i guess...i have patela dislocation problem...i had physiotherapy sessions many times...and nw its in quiet stable state...nt dislocated in last 1 year...bt my knee hurts....i usually suffer frm knee pain...and a nerve near waist and hip hurts me....pain go thru my thigh...it hurts badly...now a days i have started exercising...i use treadmill 30 mins every day...so knee is hurtng more...plz tell me jogging is nt good for me...or wat can i do to t away frm this pain..:-(
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If jogging is hurting you than you should not be jogging.  With a patella dislocation you can irritate the surfaces of the bone from friction between the patella and the femur.  You should be focusing on strengthening your quadriceps muscles for stability in the patellofemoral joint. Until adequate strength is attained you should only be using a stationary bike to avoid increased forces on the knee joint and to help avoid pain.  

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Thankz alot...fr such a precious advice...bt m gaining so much weight...my father bought a treadmill fr me....abt a month ago....if i ll nt jogg den wat ll i do....i took physiotherapy many times...dey say i need to continue fr abt 6 months dat physical therapy on my own...nw wat shud i do...

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