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Reverse Cervical Lordosis
I am 24 and have been suffering from severe neck pain for about 2 years now, I finally have insurance and have met with a nuerologist recently that said I had TMJ and prescibed an anxiety med and sent me on my way, after 2 weeks on the med I stopped due to very odd side effects and no sleep. I have finally had an MRI done and it showed " reversal of the cervical lordosis with slight slippage of C3-4, 4-5, and 5-6" I know the readings only because I requested them and the images. When I met with my neuro dr today he said everything looked normal on the MRI and referred me to a pain clinic and sent me on my way. (While im obviously just not happy with my dr.) Im wondering if I should get another opinion on the MRI result. In addition to the pain and headaches it causes, my left arm now has shooting pain down it into my finger tips and theres a spot in my mid back between my shoulder blades that keeps going numb. I just want a solution or at least control over the pain, and would prefer not to live on meds the rest of my lofe just to feel normal again. Any opinions on what I should do?
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