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Is fingertip reconstruction possible for previously sewn-up amputated fingertips?

When I was a toddler, the very tip of my finger was cut off in a door. I was rushed the ER. I know that fingers often regrow on their own as long as some of the cuticle, nail matrix and nail bed remains (which mine did) especially if the injury occurs as a child, but my finger was sutured up right where it was cut off, so no re-growth occurred. Additionally this gave my finger a "hook nail" deformity where the nail is slightly curved.

For additional info, there is a huge amount of nail bed/nail: my nail has the same length of my nail from my uninjured hand, except that it slightly curves. It doesn't really curve completely *over* the finger, but it does curve. The main part that is missing is the fleshy bit behind the nail: my actual fingertip. There is basically no fingertip. When I type, for example, the only part that touches (and can touch) the keys is my nail.

I've had it looked at by a plastic surgeon before, who said that there have been surgeries done by using tissue from a toe, but last time I looked and scoured medical journals, I've seen many other techniques and surgeries done without the toe. However, regardless of whether they've been done using the toe or using a different method, most articles on these surgeries in general have happened right when the injury occurs, not years after the finger has already been operated on and sewn up.

I have two questions:

1. Is there any hope for reconstruction of my finger, either for function or for appearance, or ideally both, in this lifetime?

2. If there is any hope in this lifetime, should I be looking for orthopedic surgeons for this, or for plastic/reconstructive surgeons, or someone else completely? (The plastic surgeon I saw was not that helpful, and I have a consult with a physician's assistant at an orthopedic clinic next week, but the receptionist there seemed completely flummoxed and confused about my case and unsure if they could do anything to help me at the orthopedic clinic.)
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