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Is it normal to switch birth controls often?

I have PCOS. Im not over weight (my BMI is 19). I was dx when a very large cyst ruptured when I was 18 and it was apparent on the sonogram I had. -- not sure if Im infertile.. Im not nor ever been TTC.

My OBGYN has been prescribing birth control for treatment. I refused BC until I was 19 almost 20- All the symptoms I had (very painful heavy periods and cramping even when not on my period) have disappeared while on BC.

First I was on
LoEstrin 24 fe- for 3 months that caused a constant period that lasted for 3 months
Ovcon 50- was prescribed to "take control" over my horomones- on that for 4-5 months
Femcon 35- I was on to bring me down from ovcon 50 because that dose was considered too high for prolonged use
Yaz- was prescribed when my hair started to fall out... they switched birthcontrols and it stopped.
Orthothricylen 35- I was on for a while but with a lot of break through bleeding and inconsistant periods
Lo lo estrin- I was on for 5/6 months. I felt like a fog had been lifted and I had very light periods, but I was missing periods and had a lot of break through bleeding.

So my dr. prescribed nuva ring which I then researched and found that hair loss is VERY common on that so I decided not to fill the prescription and ask for something else and I now have a prescription for orthotricyclen low which I have yet to fill.

So that makes it 6 different BC's in 3.5 years that I have taken and 8 different BC's that have been prescribed.

-- Im going to an endocrinlogist next week because I just hate the side effects the first 2 months of switching BCs.
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I have been on yasmin, Diane 35, micrgoyn 35 and micrgoyn 50 then switched back to Diane 35. Had a mirena inserted for a whole 6 days before it was removed due an infection an fearing it was perforated. Between all of this I have had two d&cs done due to extended bleeding between October-June (done in May and June) as well as an exploratory laparoscopy in June. The pills have been changed between January and May. I am having surgery next Thursday to remove endometriosis and drilling of cysts, my gyno is also inserting another mirena and running Diane 35 together.

Good luck with the endocrinologist! Mine wasn't able to do anything until after I have surgery.

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