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Is metformin really a good medecine for PCOS?
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I just started Metformin a month and a half ago and so far its not so bad. I am ttc so the pregnancy risk is welcomed! While I still haven't had a period, I have been crampy and had very light spotting for a few days then it went away. I've had back pain, runny nose and itchy throat, light cramps (usually my cramps are horrible), been gassy and bloated. It's possible I could have had implantation bleeding and could be pregnant but only time and a test will tell! The benefits with Metformin and PCOS are worth it in my opinion.
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there's a saying that it will happen when you least expect it too.... im a firm believer in that now! i actually had given up hope on having  children, or even getting pregnant for that matter. it took my body 3 years, so give it time and patience. it will happen when you least expect it to.
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Am encouraged.am also on met +clomid.ttc.hoping 2 get a succes story ths year afta 2yrs of despair.
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I was on metformin for 3 years on-and-off prior to becoming pregnant.
I was taking 2000mg a day. I was given the 500mg then gradually increased over time.
The diarreah was insane. Even made a "mistake" on myself once in the care... couldn't quite make it home! With the help of metformin and s exercise (not much just walking and some areobics) I lost approx 40 pounds.
My periods were restored, however far from normal. The longest i went was 7 weeks without one, but they always came.... until the day it didn't. I really had not exceeded the 7 week mark, but my own curiousity got the best of me so i took a HPT and it was positive.
I was not intentionally setting out to get pregnant. I just wanted my period back and restore the hope that I could get pregnant some day. I got both and more. I was taken aback by the pregnancy because my OB/GYN told me i would need more meds (cloumid or stronger) to become pregnant.
I have switched doctors (not by choice) and the new doc had me stop taking metformin once i became pregnant. I am beginning to gain weight rapidly 8pd+ in 14 weeks! Partially due to the pregnancy but mostly because im off the metformin and cant exercise - at least this is what i believe.

I think metformin is a good medication. However, if you are not looking to get pregnant be careful with it. If you do not want a child but want your period back i suggest birth control instead. If you are ttc, starting with metformin is a great idea. It will give your body a chance to catch up.

I am now 14+ weeks pregnant.
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Hi, I take it and have no problem at all.  Not sure what is doing to help me, but the research shows good things about it.  I have been taking 500mg for about a month and I will be taking 1000mg today!  

This could give you diahera but that goes away.....just tough it out....could last 2 weeks


***Benefits of Metformin (Glucophage)

LOWERING OF INSULIN, TESTOSTERONE, AND GLUCOSE LEVELS. Quite a number of studies indicate Glucophage reduces insulin, testosterone and glucose levels -- which reduces acne, hirsutism, abdominal obesity, amenorrhea and other symptoms. In one study conducted at Virginia Commonwealth University, 24 obese PCOS women were given metformin or placebo. The 11 women who received the metformin experienced a reduction in insulin levels, which slowed the activity of an enzyme in the ovaries that stimulates excess production of testosterone. As a result, testosterone levels also dropped.(3)

Glucophage appears to do the same for non-obese PCOS women, according to a study from the University of Medical Sciences in Poznan, Poland. Thirty nine PCOS women were given Glucophage for 12 weeks. They had improvements in insulin, testosterone, hirsutism and acne. (4)

PREVENTION OR DELAY OF ONSET OF DIABETES. Glucophage may help to prevent diabetes, according to a study at George Washington University.(5) In this study, 3,234 non-diabetics with elevated blood glucose were given metformin, placebo, or lifestyle recommendations. The incidence of diabetes in the metformin group was 31% less than in the placebo group.

RESTORATION OF NORMAL MENSTRUAL CYCLE. A number of studies have shown that menstruation can be restored in many women with PCOS. For example, in a study at Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati, 43 women who were not having periods took Glucophage, and 39 of them resumed normal menses.(6) In another study at Jewish Hospital, 11 teenage girls with PCOS were put on metformin and a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Ten of the 11 girls resumed regular periods.(7)

IMPROVED CHANCE OF PREGNANCY. A study of 48 women with PCOS and infertility was conducted at the Baylor College of Medicine. They were first given metformin and 19 of them resumed menstruating and showed indications of ovulation. But 10 required clomiphene (a fertility drug) in addition to metformin in order to show evidence of ovulation. Twenty women of the 48 (42%) became pregnant. However, 7 of the 20 miscarried.(8)

REDUCED RISK OF MISCARRIAGE. Another aspect of PCOS-related infertility is the tendency for repeated miscarriages. A study from the Hospital de Clinicas Caracas in Venezuela looked at 65 women who received Glucophage during their pregnancies vs. 31 who did not. The early pregnancy (first trimester) loss rate in the metformin group was 8.8% as compared to a 41.9% loss in the untreated group. Of those women who previously had miscarried, 11.1% of the metformin group miscarried again, while 58.3% of the untreated group again miscarried. (9)

REDUCED RISK OF GESTATIONAL DIABETES. In another study at Jewish Hospital in Cincinatti, gestational diabetes risk was evaluated in two groups of PCOS women. The first group was 33 non-diabletic women who had conceived while taking metformin or took it during their pregnancy. This group was compared to a group of 39 PCOS women who did not take it. Only 3% of the metformin group developed gestational diabetes as compared to 31% in the non-metformin group.(10)

WEIGHT LOSS AND OTHER BENEFITS. Metformin may contribute to weight loss in some diabetics.(11) However, weight loss does not appear to be one of its primary benefits. Glucophage may also be of some value improving success with in vitro fertilization, lowering cholesterol, and improving energy.

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