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pregnancy test negative after 13th day of ovulation test positive

hi everyone, i need ur kind help, i have PCOS and i have taken 3 treatment of FSH Stimulation 2 with gonal f oct 2009 and 2nd jan 2010 and 1 with menopur and three times i become pregnant but miscarriage. now after one year i have tried again and i took again menopur injections, i start injection on 4th of may and on 16 may i had got positive ovulation test. i was really excited for the new pregnancy, i took today on 29th may my first pregnancy test with blueclear plus but i comes nagative no line appear. did i do too early this test, i am in shook i dont know what should i do because i have same symptoms like i had in my previous pregnancy, i have got pain in my breast and nipples just after ovulation and still i have pain. i have constipation as usuall, and back ach, i had heartburning in the first week of ovulation and on friday 26th may i got abdominal pain like mild cramps.
i am really confuse please help me ladies what should i do, am i pregnant, did i do test too early, please give me the answer as soon as possible, thanks a lot tc
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Perhaps u should talk to ur doctor. They will have answers for u good  luck.
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Just because you ovulate, does not mean you will conceive. Even if you ovulate and have sex at the exact right time, it doesn't guarantee pregnancy. However, it is also possible you tested too early. Wait until May 31st and test again because you should officially be a day late on your period by then. Good luck!!!
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I would say that it is possible ur preggo. U could have tested to early I didn't get a pos til I was a week n a half late :) n when I got it I couldn't believe it. There's always hope girl it took me a year to get preggo. Good luck hun keep me posted
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I have pcos also so does my mom She had two of us but took her years of trying im 22 and im 16 weeks so all i have to say is just watching What you do when you get pregnant and talk to your Doc good luck
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hi thanks for posting me, yes i know that if a woman ovulate so it dose not mean that she can become pregnant but i have pcos and i dont ovulate normaly, i always take injection and then i ovulate. three times i take injection treatment and three times i become pregnant but miscarried. thats why i was confuse and u can understand that hows im feeling in now a days with lot of hopes its 6 years im trying for the baby thanks a lot for the kind answer.
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hi sheasha, good to know that ur pregnant congrats....., i am taking metformin also because of history miscarriages, is it safe when u r trying to become pregnant. thanks for posting me  
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thanks to everyone, i am just waiting now, lets see what happend. i just hope every thing will be fine.
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thanks a lot...
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Hi Kani, I am also having a same problem.......... But i don't have any mis carriages.. This s my first trying for pregnancy... I got injections for follicles growth and after that hcg trigger shot given for ovulation... My HCG given on June 6th and i'm having Duphoston tablets now... So, awaiting for some good news... Now I am having a back pain... Can any of you ladies pls advice whether I will be pregnant this time or not??
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hi Geetha, there is always hope for us no body can say what will be happened, did u take ur pregnancy test i think u should take ur test on 21st or 22nd june. i didnt become pregnant in that cycle i got my periods and i will try again. but if u met with ur husband on the same day after taking hcg shoot then u will be pregnant but its all in the hand of god. so dont think too much just wait for 2 days and then i hope there will be a good news. and im also waiting for ur good news. best of luck. kani
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