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provera and clomid

my dr just put me on provera and clomid, and i also just got told there is a very good chance that i have pcos. has anyone had any luck with this method as far as conceiving? i am a little confused on the whole thing also.. if someone could help me out and explian somethings i would greatly appreciate it!!
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try this website:    soulcysters.com  , it's VERY informative!
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I'm also on provera and clomid. I took provera 20mg/day for 5 days. My 1st cycle i took 50mg clomid, but till now, there' s no sign i'm pregnant and no menstrual. After found out, i'm not pregnant,  i took another cycle of provera. I'm suppose to have my period today. Later, i will on 100 mg clomid D2-D6. wish me luck.
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yes...good luck to you, and lots of baby dust!! how long have you been ttc?
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I was on clomid and provera as i have pcos, the first time i tried it i i lost a baby but 2nd time i had it it worked and now have a lovely baby boy so go for it.  My friend was on them to and recelty had a baby so it works!!
Good Luck!
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thank you very much for the advice!! we have 1 son as it is, but are starting to want another baby!! so, i hope that everything works out... i started my period today...and i will hopefully ovulate here within the next couple of weeks. i will let everyone know and hopefully i will have good news within the next couple of months!! baby dust to all ttc!!
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   i have PCOS me and my bf av been trying to concieve for 2 years now but had no luck so far,
my doc reffered me to a gyne and he prescribed me a 5 day course of  Provera (Medroxyprogesterone) 10mg 3 times a day,
he said this would bring on a period (wich it did 8 days after course).
had your periods stopped? b4 now my last period was dec 2006!
have you ever discovered big blood clots and if you use tampons does it hurt,
i use to use them until now i can't stand the pain.
my next appointment to see the gyne is 12th march and he is going to put me on metmorphin to help me concieve.
GOOD LUCK TTC!!! keep me posted
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