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Anyone waxing??

I have a planned c-section on May 14th. I guess they just use the same c-section scar from previous and was wondering if anyone is getting anywhere down there waxed. Boy it would be super nice to have it clean on the scar but I'm chicken to call around (plus you have to let it grow a couple of weeks) Ugh, I'm not a hairy person but any thoughts??
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I would totally love to get a brazilian wax but everyone has me so scared that since you have more blood flow it hurts that much more......so I don't think I'll have the guts....but I sure want to I'm having trouble shaving cause my belly is in the way I can't see what I'm doing.
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I wanted a brazilian before I was pg but the pain has scared me... have you ever had one?  Anyway... I am getting a c section too.. and I guess I will just let them shave the part that they need...  haha... good luck
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last year, i opted to try one of those at home brazilian waxes. I am by no means a wilda beast(hairy) but thought well summer is coming I am going to try this, oh HE LL noooooooo!! I got the wax on and gently tried to pull it off, the pain was unbearable. There I was with a washcloth with hot soap and water trying to get the wax off, I managed to yank a few hairs out and I thought I was going to die. I am convinced that has to be the most sensitive place on the body, of course having someone do it may not be as bad, for all those that go for it, I say godspeed!!! its not for me!
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I've tried the at home kits it hurt but no to bad and I don't have a good pain tolerance.....but I've never had the nerve to get a professional job......to scared to show my goods to some stranger.....LOL but I think I'd love the result...
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hahaha,,,, well I have tried to tug a little and ouch... I think it must just kill like crazy unless they can give me Novocain or something hahaha
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And I'm just scared of the phone call, ha ha... I don't want the full deal, just about and inch worth over the scar and a bit under. Oh,.....what to do, what to do......My dh gave me a maternity massage with pedicure and manicure. They do waxing there too, maybe I'll check into it :) thanks for your thoughts!!
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I think the line of the c section wouldn't hurt too bad.. if they do it for a living they get a lot of calls I am sure... but... what if one gets ingrown or something.. I don't know I am just going to let them shave..
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LOL maybe it's possible to get them to shave it all since I haven't seen down there in a while I have no clue what it's like....LOL
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If you shave yourself, use a mustache trimmer instead of a regular razor....less irritation.
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OH!!!! ouch!!!!!!!!! I am a chicken sh*t when it comes to 'down there' man!!!
Girl, you are so brave to even think about it! lol.... i prefer my good ole' razor and some soap... or the one razor for girls (forgot the name) that comes with a soapy thing around the razor! that works wonders!

Girl, i can't believe you are so far! did you hit the big 3-0 mark yet????
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i am an esthetician and i do waxing.  i do have women that are prego come in and get waxed.  some women do have more pain due to the hormones at the time.  get a good waxer and you should be fine.  :)
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So is it embarassing? Can i keep my undies on and just pull them down for them to wax the scar? hee, hee?
V-Yes, 30 weeks on wednesday. I answered to cpaow's e-mail but I think I got lost in the rucous!
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