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Are we close ?

I know this will sound odd,as this is baby boy number 4,but the other 3 were induced...so I have absolutely no idea what to look for.lol
Possible TMI ahead...lol

I have been extremely nauseous for about 5 days now,several bm's a day,headaches, breast tenderness starting up again,mega hot flashes( soaks the bed at night,makes me feel faint in day) sudden outbreak of pimples,braxton hick's(?) are continuous(stomach rock hard most of the day),cramps,and now last night I think I lost or started losing my mucus plug. Babe's head is "right there". Sorry if TMI.
I have been to hospital 3 times now in the past 2 months due to unexplained bleeding.
This whole pregnancy has been one problem after another...and now my ob/gyn is going away for a month! So I won't have any of those weekly check-ups for my last 4 weeks...ugh.
I know that no one can predict the day it will happen,I'm not asking for that,I'm just asking if these are possible signs.
Thanx for any help.
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Losing the mucous plug is a big sign and more braxtion hick contractions that labor is on the way!!    For what it's worth just hang in there and keep yourself busy!!!    I assume you are in the 8th month or something....so what isn't another doctor seeing you?   I think when they do the weekly appts they can check if you're starting to dialate and how "ripe" your cervix is as those are idicators (or so they say) of labor.
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With my 1st son I had no signs except infrequent braxton hicks and tiredness.  I was just sitting in bed with my husband watching TV when I felt a big "pop" and gush of fluid.  My water had broken; I had no cramps/contractions- just a lot of fluid.  I was 36weeks 6 days.  We went to the hospital and they ended up having to induce as you need to deliver within 24hrs to prevent infection.  He was born almost 12 hrs later... they were actually prepping me for an emergency c-section as I had already actively pushed for over 3 hrs (which is longer than they usually allow).

With my 2nd son I had nausea all day (thought it was just something I ate), had some diarrhea and just was feeling "off".  I'd lost my mucous plug 2 weeks earlier while in the shower (eww...), but was told that it was not a sign of impending labor.  Anyway, I went to bed that night with what I thought were bad braxton hicks... they weren't constant, and were more like period/menstral cramps.  I awoke an hour later and saw that they were more regular-- I lay there watching my alarm clock, and could predict when the next would hit exactly.  Woke my husband and by the time we got to the hospital they were less than 2 minutes apart.  I was 37 weeks, 6 days and my son was born 2 hrs later.

I'm now due with my 3rd son around May 29th, although I am planning on being induced for this pregnancy (my 2nd son has type 1 diabetes and needs special arrangements for his care while I'm in the hospital delivering his brother, so thus the induction).

Sorry about the unexplained bleeding... that's got to be worrisome.  I had spotting with all 3 pregnancies in the 1st and 2nd trimesters too.  Doesn't your Ob have someone covering for them while they are gone???

How far along are you?
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Oh sorry,I'm 35 weeks and 2 days. My ob/gyn is in a practice by herself and none of the other doctors in town are taking new patients.I have no "family doctor" due to this. Seems to be a shortage of doctors around here. Had a family doc in the small town where I used to live, and if he was still practicing I would drive the 4 hours to see him.lol There is a walk-in clinic in town,so I guess I could go there every week and see a different one each time...yeesh. She knew about this course she's taking months in advance,but I only found out when I saw her last Thursday. If I would have known I would have driven into the city to look for someone there. I am soooooooo angry.
With my oldest son I went exactly one month over due. My Dr. had gone on vacation and when he came back he couldn't believe that no one had induced me. He was quite angry...so was I. I had gone to hospital several times because I was sitting on the poor babys' head,but the nurse there wouldn't even look at me. No pain except the pressure of his head.Developed toxemia with him. Induced at 9:30 A.M and he was born around 11:25 P.M! They had to jump start his heart...he took his first breath at 11:35 P.M.

With the second baby,he was 5 days early. He had dropped about 3 weeks prior. Again, no pain. Just the pressure of his head. Induced at 10:30 A.M and he was born at 6:16 P.M. He was the ugliest baby ever. lol
I had sat on his head for far too long and his nose was huge! He was cute by the next day lol.

Baby number 3...3 weeks early...exact same thing...induced, no pain except pressure.
Induced at 11:00 A.M and he was born at 4:14 P.M.
With all three I was dilated 8-10 cent. before getting into the doc's office.Just can't seem to go into labour by myself.And this is the first time with the"hard stomach" Braxton Hick's thing.
So this is the first time I've ever experienced anything "weird". lol
This one has been head down for almost 2 months now,but he doesn't "feel like he's coming out" like the other 3.
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I was just wondering. You say that you've had one natural and one induced so far...was the natural labour as painful as the induced? I've read on several sites that the ones induced are longer and stronger. That it takes sometimes 4x as long to deliver induced babes as well. Did you find that?
If that's the case then I totally want this one to come naturally lol
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How many weeks are you?  Does your OB have a stand in while he is gone, or did he tell you to go directly to the hospital if anything happens?  If you think you lost your mucus plug and are having BH's does your OB know this, as these are tell tale signs that something could happen at anytime, especially losing your mucus plug...I would say yes, you are very close from what you've described.    Don't second guess any of these symptoms as they happen, call your doctor or go to the hospital directly if unsure.  Please keep us posted, and hang in there!! : )
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oops I commented before reading your second post so you answered some of my questions : )
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Called the ob's office and left a message...they only have one line I guess. She hasn't bothered to call me back to let me know what she wants me to do.
Told her about the BH's about a month ago. All she said was that she would be surprised if I made it to the end of February. Then she said that if he was early they would do a c-section. Don't know why. The other 3 were induced...the last one being almost this early. I don't want a c-section. Can they make me have one?
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I'm suprised your doctor doesn't have a nurse practitioner or another OB doctor covering for him while he's away.  Doesn't your OB have a back up plan for his patients?   Someone should be covering for him/her.  That just seems very very odd to me....small rural town or not.   OB can have another OB cover for them even if they're not in the same practice.   Is this the only OB in town?  Perhaps you could get yourself a new family practice /general practitioner at the very least during this time.   Double check with your OB, what are you suppose to do for emergencies?   He's got to have a covering physician if he's out of town for a month.

For what it's worth I got my book out... signs of labor
Thinnng and softening of the cervix
dilation of the cervix
breaking of water
digestive disturbances (diahrrea or nausea at start of labor)

also losing mucous plug means labor could be up to 3 weeks away!
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3 weeks would be good! : )
She said that while she was gone that whoever was on call at the hospital would deliver :(

The girl at the desk told me that if the babe came early that I should just head into the city because they are better able to handle the premi's there.

She did not offer the name of any other doctors. The only other doctors in town are the ones at the walk in clinic or the family doctors...but those ones won't take new patients...I've been trying for 3 years now to get one : (

Here's another dumb question lol
I just talked to the nurse at the Ob's office,she finally called back. Yay!
Anyway she said that if I'm 4 cm dilated they'll induce later tonight after the office closes...she said there are 4 women up there right now that she just sent in.
If it's less than 4cm they will do a c-section...
so my question is: do they mean 4cm around or across? lol
If it's around that's no biggie...but 4 across...I'll sit at home for another 2 weeks and wait in peace lol JK
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Well in my experience, yes, the natural is SOOOO much easier than the induced.  Like I mentioned previously, I labored for far longer with my 1st than my 2nd, and the contractions were so much stronger and painful.  (I did end up getting epidurals with both- a real Godsend!)

I'm kinda surprised that they are talking about doing a c-section tonight if you're less than 4cm... being that anything before 37 weeks is considered preterm?  Obviously if you are dilated 4cm, it means that you are in what they call "Active Labor" phase, so for that I can understand inducing, but anything less than that is just considered the "Latent phase".  I would think they'd want to keep that little one in there as long as possible.  As for your question about measuring dilation, I was always shown a circle chart like this:
http://www.givingbirthnaturally.com/cervix-dilation.html  (scroll down near bottom of page).
So I'd assume they mean the diameter, not the circumference.

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You're surprised? lol
Not one single person has even looked at me yet...I have been to that hospital three times now for bleeding in the past 2 months and not once did they take a look down below,nor did they do an ultrasound to even TRY to determine what was causing the bleeding. 3 times I spent at least 5 days bleeding and passing blood clots.
So what did they do in the hospital? They kept me in bed,they would hook me up to monitors for 2 hours at a time,they measured my stomach,and they would not allow me so much as an icecube to suck on. All 3 times I left the hospital so dehydrated that my lips were cracked and bleeding. Not once did they call my Ob/gyn in,nor any other doctor for that matter. DH and I decided about an hour ago that we will go into the city and never return to this hospital again.
When I finally saw my Ob last week I asked her why they would dehydrate a pregnant woman. Her answer? They had been planning to do an emergency c-section on me. What for? They didn't know why I was bleeding. So why cut me open? Why not do a painless ultrasound to try and determine the cause first?
Sorry for the ranting,but I am soooo frustrated.
My cousin and his wife had their baby yesterday...we were due the same day,and she and I are around the same age...her baby is on life support...awful. He sent pics to all of us right away...wish he wouldn't have sent them to me though.
I just called the hospital in the city and they told me that if the cramps get worse,if my water breaks,or if the nausea can't be controlled by vitamin B then I should come in right away.
The nurse there was very kind and told me that they would have a doctor look at me right away if I choose to come in. Yay! lol
She said the same thing as SeeingSpots just said...can't understand why they would consider a c-section this early,especially without any testing.
Thanks to all for "listening" to me whine lol
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You've got a legitamate complaint!!  I would be very upset.  I can't even begin to imagine what you're going through.    And as far as the 4cm goes...It's a circle...so they could measure up, down or across.  And they're talking about how big your cervix has gotten.   You are probably to early to be dilated that much, but who knows.  

I would show up weekly at the hospital and say you're there for an OB visit, that your OB is out of town for a month.   This is really , really crazy, but I live in a big city.  

I hope all goes well and it probably will...but still!!  
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