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Cruz has been throwing up for a week! : (

Hey gals,

Sorry to post this here but you guys are my peeps and I always love your feedback!!! Well last Friday, Cruz vomited once and has been doing so once a day for a week. He went to the pedi on Wednesday and he is not sick at all!!!!!

His appt was to check his weight because he fell off the chart. They put him on a 800+calorie diet to get him to gain weight! He gained almost 2lbs in one month so it is working! But I feel like I am feeding him all the time! So, when he vomits there goes his calories! I am so STRESSED out with this!!!!!!! I am counting my  calories to loose weight and I am counting Cruz's to make him gain!!! All I do is count calories!!!!

This is his food schedule
7:00 bottle (4oz of water mixed with 8 oz formula) we were told to do this
8:00 4oz of YoBaby Yogurt or some stage 2 fruit
10:00 (4oz of water mixed with 8 oz formula)
11:15 stage 2 veggie or table food
1:00 (4oz of water mixed with 8 oz formula)
4:30 2oz "meat" in a jar
6:30(4oz of water mixed with 8 oz formula)
7:00 4oz of juice and a snack

I cannot get him out of stage 2 jars because he gags himself. He is such a crazy eater! What will I do when he turns one in August???

Any ideas on what is going on???? Sneaky ways to get calories in are also very welcomed!!!!!


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This is one of those situations that you just follow your baby's lead.  I know there are lots of timetable/food chart guidelines out there, but your child will let you know when their ready for more.  If he's throwing up, it's either too rich for his system or he can't digest it quick enough.  Don't worry about him turning one soon, Olivia will be one next month and she is 80% breastfeeding, and about 20% solids.  

Great healthy high caloric foods for him are AVOCADOS, bananas, mostly all fruit, mashed potatos, SWEET POTATOS.  Don't worry if he's not eating alot of solids yet, or that he's not keeping them down...just keep providing him with the formula/breastmilk and he will come into his own with the finger foods/solids.
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sounds like maybe he is eating too much. Does he vomit after feedings?? We started our older boys on whole milk around 11 months and that seemed to help with gaining. Also pediasure was a great way to get vitamins and such. Poor Cruz:~( Poor Rachel:( I cant tell just how frustrated you are just from reading this. While he may not be ready for solids yet I think its impotant to keep introducing them. Nothing too hard. How does he do with cherioos?? Peas?? cooked carrots and baked potatoes?? sweet potatoes also have tons of vitamins.
I have told you before that my oldest was off the charts for awhile and he is very healthy. 9 years old now and only weights about 45lbs, give or take a few. DH and I were both very tiny kids. Ther is nothing wrong with being little as long as he is getting enough (and it sounds like he is) he will be fine. Is he peds conserned because he is small??? All my peds have ever told me is you cant forse a kids to eat. They will eat when they are hungry. I was always shoving food into his mouth. It was non stop all day long kinda thing:~(
Taylor is getting most of her calories from formula right now because she refuses to eat. And my SIL didnt start her babies on solids untill well past the 1 year mark because of allergys. They were both breastfeed untill age 2. They are both very healthy kids:~)
Good luck Rachel! I know its hard right now but it will start to get easier:~) You have to pick and choose your battles and just try sneeking in the extra calories were you can:~)
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Thanks ladies! He has been on this eating schedule for over a month and the vomiting is new so, I don't know what to think! Pam I have tried ALL of those and he use to love them! He just vomited on me for the second time today and I am waiting for the pedi to call me back!

I really do not care how big he his, I just want his brain to grow! I am totally stressed and about to cry! Thanks for listening Pam and Tabby!
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Don't worry Rachel.  Keep him hydrated as much as you can, do you give him water?  That's important.  I remember when Olivia was several weeks old, and she wouldn't keep breastmilk, or formula down, she threw up everything...the weight started coming off...my ped sent us to get an u/s, and everything was perfect.  Maybe Cruz has an upset stomach, or something he ate didn't agree with him and it's taking a few days to pass...I'm confident he will be A-ok!!!  Pam  Let me know what the ped says : )
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Hey Pam,

Well we just got back from the ER, because I called his pedi's office and they are closed until Tuesday. So, the Doctor on Call said this sounds serious and I better bring him in immediately.

So, I take him in. He is smiling, waving and screaming Dada as loud as he can and the people look at us like why is he here. I tell them what is going on and we are seen immediately! Well, basically they have no clue. The only response they could give us is that he has an "air bubble" in his ear! WTH! So, they gave us an Rx and said see if it that helps. I really do not want to give him the Rx he had such a bad time taking it the last time, it did numbers on his tummy! UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I really hope that it goes away and all this stops! Thank Goodness I am off from teaching right now and can deal with this craziness and not the Daycare!

To answer your question, yes he drinks water! He loves water, he prefers a cup of water over a cup of juice! : ) So keeping him  hydrated is not the problem!!

I am so glad I just went to the ER to get a "Huh, we are not sure"!!!! Maybe I am not sure if I will pay the bill! ha! You think that will fly!!!!

Venting sorry!
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I hear your frustration girl...I've been through it too!  I hope he feels better real soon!  Don't stress : )
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I'm sorry hon, I know you have been frustrated with this issue for awhile, and wish I had something helpful to offer.  All I can say is I sure hope the situation improves soon!  I know you are worried about his well being, and I'm sure everything will be just fine!!  XOXO
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Thanks my friends! That is why I always come to you! It will pan out soon enough ( I hope)
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rach, this is only a speculation. they said he has an "air bubble" in his ear? if he has an inner ear problem, it may lead to a problem with his equilibrium, hence causing him to become dizzy and vomit, just a thought, he cannot tell you how he feels, hope he gets better soon
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Thanks babyprayers that is a good point! As of yesterday he has been doing much better hopefully things are looking up!
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I really feel for you.  Feeding issues are so very stressful.  Anna was on stage 2 for a long  time and also gaged and vomited solids that were too thick or chunky.  She is still unable to eat regular grown up food but is getting better.  Our ped said it is not unusual at all.  
I used to food process a lot of stuff for Anna.  In the morning I processed bananas (she would choke on pure bananas since they were too dense for her) with strawberries, or pineapple or papaya.  You just need some juicy fruit.  Papayas have lots of vitamins and she used to love them.  I also would make her a chicken based soup and food process it with all of the carrots, etc. from the soup along with some soup egg noodles.  That worked really well but you need to make sure you add lots of liquid so that the mix is smooth.  I actually still do this even though my dd is 17 months.  She is getting better with eating solid foods and I am sure Cruz will get better as well.

Good luck!  
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Thanks Helen! Believe me the food processor is our best friend too! I use it to mix up fruits and I add some formula and oatmeal to give it a extra boost! He loves it, he does not mind if it is a little thick but he does not like when things are chunky! I even started processing stage 3 jars that way we can get some new variety. It went well but I just can't imagine doing this forever. I am so afraid that he will not eat when he starts the one year old class in August! I can do all these crazy things with him, but when I go back to teaching he goes back to daycare! : (

Thanks for telling me about Ana it really made me feel not so alone! I knew I could count on you guys!
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Rachel I am only just seeing this, sorry.
My oldest had lots of feeding issues as an infant and toddler and threw up more times than I care to remember. With him it was texture that caused the problems and he had an over active gag reflex. He couldn't cope with foods with lumps in until he was nearly two and even then he never chewed them. He was borderline failure to thrive. I was adding ground almonds and wheatgerm to yogurts, putting a teaspoon of olive oil in all his veggie and meat purees to increase nutrition and calories. Tiny soup pasta cooked really soft added to purees was one of the first lumpy foods James would eat, you could try that.
With him we did find he was okay with purees (as Cruz is) but also with dryer foods; like cheerio's, puffs and rice crackers toast, you could try some of these dryer foods and they make excellent snacks for daycare. It was the foods that were puree's with lumps in that cause the most issues. And he really gagged on things like cheese and scrambled eggs and mashed potato because of the texture.
This is going to sound a little bit crazy but we spent lots of time working with feeling textures with his hands. He hated to touch anything like sand, finger paints, play doh. His whole sensory system was over sensitive and we had to desensitize him a little to help with his feeding issues. Once we got him more accepting of touching different textures with his hands it really helped with feeding him different textures too.
At this point keep exposing Cruz to new flavors, switch to the table foods you are eating as he gets towards the one year mark so he gets used to the flavors of table foods but process if you have to. We got stuck in a bit of a rut because he would only eat certain textures we almost always ended up giving him the same foods, looking back I should have just give him more of what we were eating but in a texture that was manageable for him.
It did take a long time for us to over come these things and he is still a bit fussy with new foods now but it did get 1000% better than it used to be!
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Great info! Thanks! It does not seem to be a sensory issue I do not think! He loves running his fingers through everything he can find! He will eat the Gerber snacks and chew bread and things like that! That is paritally why I am so confused! He loves trying our food but just can't chew it down! He loves flavor so that is not an issue either! I will just keep mashing things for awhile! He HATES taking a bottle so that is one thing I can't wait to get rid off!!

Thanks again you really calmed some fears!
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It was a struggle giving Anna her formula as well but she got 1000% better with whole milk and drinks LOTS of dairy.  Talk to your ped about giving Cruz some milk or soy milk before 1.  She also eats 2 yogurts per day (one fruit and one veggie/fruit combo).  That stuff is full fat and helps with caloric intake.

As for daycare, that place is designed for kids who eat pizza at 8-10 months.  My dd eats nothing there but fruit and crackers.  I just have to stuff her before we drop her off and pick her up early around 3 pm since she gets hungry.  The best thing about daycare is that after we pick her up she is so over-stimulated and hungry that she started eating almost anything!  
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Did you get him an ultrasound for reflux issues, they can check to see if the muscle that pushes the food through his system closes all the way.  If it doesn't then when it contracts the food comes back up.  That was my daughter's problem and she STILL throws up a few times a week.  She'll be 2 in August and weighs 22 pounds.  

Another thought.  We had a friend who also had reflux, but he also had a tongue thrust issue, where  they got an occupational therapist to help him learn to chew the foods.  I know it was a lot of learning to work his tongue to move the food.  He started that around 9 months when he wasn't gaining weight and started loosing weight.  He will also be 2 in August and is a monster child now and has learned to use his tongue.  This wasn't something the doctor caught either it was the mom pushing knowing something just wasn't right.  I was suprised that this worked.  I know some of the foods they suggested he work on were things like suckers, popsicles, pretzels - things she would NEVER think to give to her son.
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Helen- glad to hear whole milk made that much of a difference! He is on lactose free right now so I am scared to push milk on him! He does yobaby for breakfast! What is the veggie yogurt? Well if food is an issue at daycare I will pack him a lunch! I am teacher so I will be picking him up around 3:30!

Connorethansmom: thanks for the great info I will mention the U/s to his pedi!

As of now he has not thrown up since Friday! I am beginning to think my teething theory might be right!!

Thanks again! I love the feedback!
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Yo baby yogurt makes veg / fruit mix.  They have peach/squash, sweet potato/apple and green peas/pear yogurts.  They all taste good.  If Cruz is taking soy based yogurt this may not be an option  :(
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Thanks Helen I will have to look for it! He is not on soy based! You are so helpful!
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Glad to hear he is doing a little better now :)
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Me too! If only he would take his whole bottle we would be all good!
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