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Early labor signs....

So last night was one of our "Birth and Babies" classes.  We were going through things such as early signs of labor, breathing techniques and watched a short labor movie.  On the drive home Warren mentioned that I was 5 for 5 in the early labor signs.  Hmmm.  Increased lower abdominal cramping...check.  Increased Braxton Hicks, sometimes painful now...check.  Bloody show...sort of, although just a little bit.  Almost constant lower back pain...check. I can't recall the other one right now, but he commented it was something I had commented on (ok, that I had complained about.)  37 weeks tomorrow....could this be the beginning?  Or wishful thinking.  I know none of you can really answer this question...it's right up there with "Am I pregnant".  But I am wondering if this little man is coming a bit early....hmmmmmm.
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it could mean it is coming soon, or you have a few weeks to go still.  how exciting for you!  the thing to look out for is regular contractions that can come every 4-5 min.  some women say they dont have pain in early labor so i wont say pain lol.  i dont buy that but ok! haha jk.  dont you dare go into labor and not post before heading to the hospital!
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Are you kidding me!!  I will have my laptop in the delivery room.  You guys are my best support system and I am NOT going through this without you all.  Warren is being fabulous, but he is even more nervous then I am, so I need to have you guys in there "with" me.  Sorry, but your getting a step by step commentary...and God help them if they try to take it away from me...lol.
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I does sound like you are getting close, though it still could be a few weeks off. :( But hey,at least the signs are there so you know it won't be too long now. :)

Oh, and you better take your laptop! We all want to know when little Ryder arrives.
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The only symptom I had before delivery of my 1st was some low back pain (or ache really). I had been to the doc that day, Wed. and was dialated only 1cm (day before due date), no big deal. That night we put up wall paper border and my back ached so bad. My mom swore I was in labor but I had no pain except the back ache. Low and behold, at 1:30 am, I woke up with terrible pain and within an hour I kept feeling like I wanted to push or something else was pushing I guess. I was at the hospital at about 4:30, my water hadn't broke but I was 6cm and they had to break my water. She came really fast but I really didn't have any real labor pains until the bad ones hit. Not that you are in labor, but a really bad back ache is a labor pain apparently. How fun that your so close! Good luck.
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Amanda!  You crack me up!  So my best friend just got back from "home"-  she was in Trail-  you close to there at all?  I was thinking about you while I was up at my moms last week-  her house is only about a 5 hour drive from Trail....  
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hahaha you will not want your laptop during the pain of delivery haha... I remember my fist I was in agony and my mom said.. just think about the baby.. and I said I dont want to think about the baby.. cut her out of me hahaha.... I was 22... has natural child birth.. :)  good luck and enjoy every minute!!!  I loved giving birth after it was over with.. or actually after the epidural all is wonderful!!! :)  good luck and we can't wait.. but heck why not wait another week just to be sure :)
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Hi AManda,

ha ha ha I can just see your first post  which will look like this :

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Are you a multitasker ? Can you push and type at the same time ? Unless you get Warren to type it - with one hand while you squeeeeeeeeeeeze the blood out of the other...lol  ;D

Good luck - if this is it - wishing you a quick and easy peasy delivery !  

This is exciting - so close now - soooooo close !
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Trail is in the next province west of me, so probably about an 8 or 9 hour drive...not sure exactly.  Beautiful part of the country though.  You were near Whitefish right?  I seriously thought about sending you a PM and driving up there, but it's about a 5 or 6 hour drive (depending on if you take the speed limit seriously, or just as a suggestion...lol) and we have had so much snow.  I love it there and it would have been so great to have lunch or dinner or something with you.  Did you go to the BullDog?  I love that place...lol.  
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Thanks everyone.  I am pretty sure all these symptoms COULD be early signs, or just as easily, me reading into them.  Ok, so I may have to skip the posting while going through the really hard part of labor...but in the earlier stages....maybe.  They do let you bring your laptop to the hospital, so I will be posting as much as I can....a distraction if nothing else.  And Pamela and Prevatt are ready for my middle of the night phone call...right??  lol  I know it's best for him to stay in a bit longer, but I WANT MY BABY!!!!!!  Come on, you all knew how impatient a person I am...lol.
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im sitting here remembering the day my son was born.  he was 37 weeks exactly.  it was the same as addy, my water broke early in the morning.  man nothing is worse than feeling like you just peed on yourself and the bed when you are half asleep lol!!

i hope he has super thick spiky dark hair!  man i love newborn smell.  nothing like it other than maybe puppy breath.  im sick, i know!
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it is funny but you will miss being pg.. I missed feeling my baby at every moment.. it is sad for me that I will never be pg again.. and I miss that feeling..   it is the best.. you have your baby with you 24/7  it is a weird feeling when that is gone.. enjoy your last moments of pregnancy

pertykitty.. I love putting my newborns hair in my mouth.. haha.. sounds weird but I would hold my babys and like put the ends of their hair in my lips.. it is sooooooo soft.. and just holding all the time.. all the quiet time holding those babies.. it goes soooooooooooo fast.. enjoy it becuase it is over like that (snap) then they are running around and hitting things like parissa hahaha
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HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!
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OMG Amanda...I so hope it is...he'll be fine so gee....do something!!!! Have sex, do jumping jacks....AAAHHHHH....I am so excited, I really hope it is early signs. I'd hate to have to wait til the end of the month...LOL!!! We are all routing for you girly!!! Lots of love and hugs and kisses!! xoxoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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I don't post often but I had to comment on this one. I am right there with you 37 weeks today and cant wait!!!! I find labor so confusing, everyone tells me I will just know but I was induced with my son 4 1.5 years ago and (sorry I know everyone's going to hate me for this) It did not hurt at all!! I was uncomfortable but nothing that took my breath away. I am a big fan of epidurals so I laughed my first one out and never felt any real pain. This one I am hoping I can go into labor naturally but really dont know what to look for. Yesterday I had consistent all day pains and braxton hick but they went away, I also have all the same signs you do and I am soooooooo ready. Everyone says walking brings on contractions so maybe I will go walk around the block. I even ate spicy food and cleaned my house. I have terrible heartburn and a clean house but no contractions :(. I live in Florida and they said there is a slight possibility of snow tomorrow it would be the first time in 30 years I thought what a great story that would be, baby and snow so I did a snow and baby dance. I will let you know if it works :)  Good luck and if anything works please let us know!
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ok hate to say it but I HAD to go into labor on my own and not late or I would of had a c and I wanted a VBAC.. my answer.. an orgasm a day... after each orgasm... my belly would get so tight.. I sear those big contractions of my belly made me begin to efface and start to dilate...   I went into labor 8 days early and got my vbac... I was induced with  my other 2 so I swear by orgasms hahaha.. there are worse ways at least the big o feels good :)
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Yes, I want my phone call at whatever time, doesn't matter to me.  I still think you have a little time to go yet.  Normally with your first you don't go early.  Hang in there...enjoy the last couple of weeks/days.  I tell you, when Gavin was born, I really missed him being in my belly still moving all around, it's strange, but I was way to excited to meet him too.  Don't rush... As my sitter says to Gavin (trying to teach him to be patient) Wait for it..Wait for it...Wait for it.  It's so cute, he just looks at her like she has 10 heads.
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That's so funny! Yup, babies do not understand the concept of wait.....
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It's a good sign for sure that you are feeling those things. You have a great chance of doing it the nice old fashioned way. I didn't feel any of that and finally was induced at 10 days overdue. Still nothing happened. He sure didn't want to leave. after 2 more days and the maximum induction drugs they can give I ended up with a c-section.
Does he feel low down, like he could fall out? My friend who had a c-section then a vag birth reckoned the second one felt like he was about to fall out and she never felt that with the first.

Laptops in hospital, my how things have changed.
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Yes, I am having a fair amount of pressure very low.  Yesterday DH and I were shopping and running errands, and I felt like I had to hold the bottom of my tummy up..lol.  Does that even make any sense?? Continuous bladder pressure as well.  Problem is I don't know if I read about this stuff and am make it real in my head, or if it's really happening.  There is definatly a bit of blood in my cm though, although not always.  So far everything points to me being able to have a vaginal delivery, which is what I am hoping for. It's just so exciting to actually be this close!!  
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