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Embryo adoption pregnancy anyone else doing it?

Hello I'm 45 bit of a MC history just found out am pregnant almost two weeks after transfer (iM Spain) of two 'adopted' embryo's which were surplus A grade from someone else's IVF using donor egg and sperm. If I get all the way I will be 46 giving birth first time. Crucially this time I have good multiple medical support, drug support and I retired from my job! Mad but after holding dead son who only made 4 months gestation I had to keep going there was just such a bond!  So here I am scared and hormonal but excited and hopeful :)
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Wow!  What a story. Good for you, I wish you the best.  When are you due?
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Ohh I just saw your reply so nice as I thought i was a bit alien, I know I'm doing it different and so many years along! Thank you for seeing me x

I worked it out as End of May, I think they will go for C section so it's mid may I suppose. I have private scan booked in two,weeks, I have to do this as part of my contract agreement with Institute Marques, but was nice to get call from consultant congratulating me, they are very happy, it keeps their stats up too!

Got blood checks next week with my health provider,the hospital where I delivered my son who passed away at 4 months gestation, they remembered me and were very kind and I visualise giving birth there to put right the sadness I think of.

I'm being cautious but quietly happy, friend and family know as I had to arrange help on our farm to go to Spain and they are happily whispering the news though they know it's a long shot, but it's great as Im not allowed to do anything! It's lovely they are so happy, even my pet Sow seems to know as she runs her snout on my hand through the gate! I've delivered all her babies ! Anyway I'd better stop chatting as this is turning into a blog!! X

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I am so happy for you!  I can imagine how you must feel, as I'm a bit younger than you and am also feeling kind of isolated with this.  Very impressive that you went to Spain!  Did you get some holiday time in too?  I think with modern medicine and the health knowledge we have in our hands these days that chances are better than ever.  Keep in touch!
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Just read about your journey and very excited and thinking of you. I too am 46 and going to Greece for embrio transfer with DE though will be my DH sperm. I am very lucky to have older children but lost my first DD to major heart defects when she was 5 months old. that was many years ago but has taken so long to recover emotionally. but i wanted to say that on the positive side losing my Sophie made me a very grateful and loving mum and that is what you will be like. Sleep deprevation and all the little hurdles will be nothing once you have your baby. i will be thinking of you . Manda x
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Huge congratulations to you!  You and are in a similar situation.  I am 43, also with a long history of miscarriage. I do have one little boy born just before I turned 41.  My husband and I are also now waiting for our donor match for embryo adoption.  We live in Canada but are going to the US for it.  I can't wait!  I am so happy for you.  Isn't it wonderful to live in a world where we have options like this available to us? Congrats again and I wish you all the best!
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Hello just to say yes modern medicine is amazing! I got my head around what I'm doing as it historically has been done in the dairy industry, farmers do sometimes by frozen eembryos for their cows.  My husband did once but it did not work,  I also have bantam hens and have a little orange one who goes desperately broody every summer, I popped other birds egs under her as normal and she was delighted to hatch chicks, none wer hers but she was content, I thought then that it's been going on for years, imdecidedntonbe open about it and promote it, I'm very lucky, it's early days and I will be anxious until a birth actually happens, it really helps that I know the egg donor was only 30 !
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