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Natural supplements

I will be ttc again in a couple of months again.  I am over forty and wanted to know if there were any natural supplements anyone can recommend that might help improve my eggs.  I am trying to prepare my body the best way I can to improve my chances.
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I am 40 almost 41. I am 33 weeks pregnant. When I was TTC I needed to improve my egg quality as well.
I started taking Maca, CoQ10, royal jelly, L-arganine, pre-natal vitamins.  I believe it I'd help and I finally got a good egg after having 2 miscarriages in a row before starting on these supplements.
I wish you all the best on your journey TTC.
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Do they are come in pill form??  thanks for the adivce.
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Many people do believe in natural supplements.  Medical science does not necessarily.  My RE has always said to be very very cautious.  These supplements can be very expensive, and it's important to discuss anything (even natural supplements with a Dr.) Even natural supplements can interact negatively with each other, or other medications you are on.  Natural does not mean safe.  There is absolutely no scientific evidence that there is anyway to improve egg quality.  Women are born with x amount of eggs, and that is what we get.  They age just like we do, and that is where chromosomnal abnormalities come into play.  The overwhelming majority of first trimester miscarriage is due to chromosomnal issues.  They can appear at any age, but are more likely as we age.

Now, all that being said, pregnancy at 40 is absolutely doable.  I have met so many women here who have conceived in their 40s', myself included.  It is often just a matter of catching the right egg.

If this were me (and it was), start with a good physical.  Talk to your Dr. about your overall chances based on YOUR history.  And make sure you work with a Dr. who is supportive of your wish.  Most are pretty good, but some Dr.s can be very negative about us mom's having babies in our 40's.  This can be done, and I wish you nothing but the best!
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Yes. I got them all in pill form at the local health food store. I talked to my RE about what doses to take and he was in support of these supplements. The coq10 was the most important according to him. It helps to protect your egg reserve.
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Before i conceived my 2 year old,  i took a concoction of pills.  Royal jelly,  wild yams,  vitex,  a multi-vitamin,  bee pollen,  and also a B-complex vitamin.  I exercised everyday.  Also,  didnt drink anything caffeinated.  Dont smoke,  and drink very lightly.

Anyways,  royal jelly is suppose to improve egg quality along with an omega-3 tablet.  The vitex is suppose to balance estrogen levels,  helping one to be more fertile.  The wild yams is to aid to releasing more than one egg.

Im currently pregnant and am expecting my 3rd a month before turning 40.  With the conception of this one,  i just took a multi-vitamin prior to and also exercised.  Also ,  didnt smoke or drink anything caffeine.  I conceived first try both times (yes,  very lucky also).  

I have a 13 yr old that i had when i was 26 and it took 3 years to conceive her.  I had alot of bad habits,  maybe thats why.  

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Hi, ladies!
What natural supplements, that help you to ovulate and build uterine lining are you taking?
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences!
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