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Opinions? 2ww and I have to have an x-ray next wk

Hello Gals,
My dh and I are ttc (trying for 1 month, af came) am in 2nd month.
I could have sworn I o'd on cd 11, I had a strange out of nowhere pain in my left side of my abdomen at supper time (bd'd that morning when he came back from the sea :-O) he works on boats and had been away for a week).
Anway, af is due on Dec 23rd.  I have a chiropractor appt next week on the 18th and he does x-rays.  

If I am pg I would have barely gotten through implantation at that point. Obviously if I have something resembling implantation bleeding before the 18th I'll cancel the appt but if I don't should I go ahead with the appt?

I've been waiting for the appt for 3 months, my back is a big problem for me and this doctor is supposed to be magical.

Any thoughts on X-rays during the 2ww?

Thanks for reading,
age 38 ttc for first time in my life
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I am super paranoid, so I probably wouldn't have the x-ray.  That being said, I can't claim to understand what it's like to live with a bad back, and as I said, I am paranoid about everything during the 2WW.  Probably the best thing to do is research the pro's and con's.  You also need to ensure you have this conversation with your chiropractor prior to him doing anything.  No credible Dr. or chiropractor is going to risk endangering a pregnancy or potential pregnancy, and so if there is any risk they can either take the necessary steps to reduce it, or advise you to wait and rebook.

The other thing to keep in mind is that your appointment is only 5 days before AF is due.  A bloodtest should be able to tell you if you are pregnant or not by then. You may also get a positive on a very sensitive HPT by then, but I would not necessarily trust a negative at that point.  

Welcome, and gl on ttc!!
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I agree with Amanda, I would postpone everything until I knew for sure if I was pregnant.  When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I went to the dentist for a toothache.  I ended up needing a root canal.  Because I was pregnant(and in very early pregnancy at that) I didn't want to have xrays or novacaine administered...so I postponed everything til later in my 2nd trimester, I also endured some uncomfortable aching with my tooth...but I didn't want to take the chance and expose my baby to any potential hazards.  Although it is safe to have xrays done when you are pregnant...they will usually double shield you with the radiation protective mats, but I would consider doing this much later into your pregnancy, just in case!  Also, as Amanda mentioned, just have a bloodtest done closer to your AF for the assurance!  Best wishes!
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Thanks Gals,

I'll do a hpt test on Sunday / Monday (first appt x-ray is on Tuesday, second appt and x-ray is on Friday), I'm almost certain that there's actually two x-rays involved so thats doubly worse. Plus because they are pointing them at your back not your teeth there is more radiation involved (I found a table of average exposures).

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I wouldn't do the x-ray.  This is easy for me to say as my back isn't killing me, but I know anytime I need an x-ray the technician always asks me if I am pregnant.  Please tell your chiropractor.  Perhaps you can do a blood test beforehand: a blood test can measure lower levels of hcg than a  POAS test you do at home.

When I got pregnant last year I delayed a dental procedure...and I still need to do it but when I explained to the dental surgeon my wishes to get pregnant, he told me the procedure can wait for a few years.
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I agree with everyone, don't do it. Like PamelaBee says, just postpone, you never know, this could be the month...

Postponing your apointment 1 or 2 weeks won't change anything in your life but if you are pregnant and godforbid something were wrong with the baby, you would always wonder if that x-ray was the culprite...

Play it safe sister!
Good luck!
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I'm going to postpone it. Unfortunately the next available is more likely to be in three months. This time when I'm booking the appt I'm going to have my af / ovulation schedule in front of me so I'll try and pick an af week...... urgh. I think the 2ww is THE WORST! At least if af should come it will be by the 23rd and I'll be able to enjoy a glass of wine at Christmas Dinner with no worries.
Thanks again,
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