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The best OB appoinment I have ever had

Today was my first appointment with my new OB.  It was fabulous.  First off, I did not feel rushed at all.  She actually took the time to really listen to me, completely answer all my questions and even listen to thoughts I had from information I had gotten off the internet.  She already had all my records from my old OB, and after going through them, she literally sprang into action.  They drew 7 tubes of blood and are testing for all sorts of things that I had never heard of.  They also drew blood on DH and are running some sort of test to see if there is a mismatch chromosonally, or if he is a carrier of anything that could be causing the losses.   I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning to check for fibroids.  All of this makes me wonder what my old OB was doing. I mean, he had drawn a lot of blood and done ultrasounds, but this OB had a huge list of things he hadn't done.  Apparantly I was never checked for a blood clotting disorder...thats just one example. She even shared with me that she herself had had 4 miscarriages before having her daughter at 40. I am never happy to hear anyone went through something like that, but I now know she really really understands. I bluntly asked her if I should just give up.  She reassured me that this was not the end of the road.  No negative comments about being older and trying for the first (mind you, my old OB never did that either).  She switched me from clomid days 5-9 to clomid day 3-7 (she said the follicles have longer to mature or something along those lines) She has given me a renewed sense of hope.  Now I know that in first trimester miscarriage, they only find a reason about 50% of the time, but the fact that someone is really looking, and I mean really looking for answers is such a relief.  I am so very happy to have found her, and I really feel like I am in good hands!!  Oh, and I am about 7DPO, so she ran a beta/hcg as well.  Hopefully its good news tomorrow!!  I also have a scheduled follow up with her on Dec. 16th to discuss all my test results and, as she put it "plan our next move".  I am so happy!!
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Yay.  I'm so happy for you.  Having a doctor who gets it and treats you like a human being is wonderful.  I also have someone who has experianced loss.  She is so much more understanding of my pain/experiances.  Most importantly she gives me hope and makes me feel like it will happen for us. After having doctors who did the bare minimum and basically ignored me throughout my pregnancy,  this new doctor is a happy change.

I am also about 7 dpo and the wait is torture. Sticky sticky baby dust to us all
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Having a doctor who is competent AND empathetic is ideal, and I am THRILLED you found this one! I am excited for you, hon, really excited. I think 2009 will bring many blessings for you.


Heather Jo
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Very happy for you - so glad you found a doctor that listens and seems to be planning a course of action.  Don't give up hope - look at her story.  Good luck - lots of sticky baby dust to you !
(it gave me hope too that she gave birth at 40 )  
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It all sounds very encouraging.
Having faith in your Doctor, and your doctor being pro active in your cause instead of treating you like another assembly line patient is probably the best thing to relieve the stress of this D*** ttc.
My Ob is wonderfully educated and if my body was sick I know she could heal me - but shes not so great about ttc at my age.  I could change Ob, but I don't think intervention is going help - only persevence and acceptance.
My RE - yuck.
Like I said I believe you are still young enough to conceive and carry.  I did it and I was older than you at the time - a good Doc will just be able to move you along faster and cut out the BS.:)  I know your Canadian, but Happy Thanksgiving anyway!  
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I'm so happy to hear that you found a great doctor!  It seems rare to stumble across one, and I'm so happy you are going down some new roads.

I wish you much success!
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Oh, Amanda, that is so wonderful! It sounds very encouraging and I'm keeping my fingers and legs and everything else crossed for you.

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Yeah!  That is great that you found a caring and competent Dr.  It is so comforting to have your Dr. really on your side and an added bonus that she truly understands what you are going through.  Looking forward in anticipation of great news for you in the VERY near future.
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I am so glad you found someone who listens!  Before it sounded like you were smashing your head against the wall.  I hope that with all the tests and all the attention you get from your new ob you will get that sticky bfp!!
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Hi Amanda,

I am so happy for you, I too looking forward to my appointment Dec/9 with an OB/GYN and hoping the same attitude as your OB/Gyn. And I hope that all the tests will help us conceive and get our BFP results..please keep us posted on your tests results.

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Thanks so much everyone.  I know that she can only do so much, and that I may not actually ever get a real answer..perhaps it is just one of "those things".  But what a difference the attitude makes.  Even my DH commented on what a different experience it was, she just really took her time.  It seems that so many Dr.'s just want to rush you in and out, and a lot of the time I have felt like they weren't really listening.  And although my old OB was actually very good (at least he had an excellent reputation), he always seemed to be in a huge hurry.  He also never really wanted to hear about anything I had learned on my own.  He used to tell me to stay off the internet..lol.  This Dr. is completely different, and it feels great.  Had my ultrasound this morning to look for fibroids.  The tech of course wouldn't tell me, I have to wait until I see my OB on the 16th (the ultrasound clinic is in a different location).  He did however tell me he could have told me if he had seen anything that looked like a sac.  Nothing there, but I am only about 8DPO, so not a big shock.  I am just so darned impatient.  Called OB's office looking for the HCG results.  I only spoke to her admin person, but she told me it was negative.  She wouldn't give me a number, and told me that the Dr. hadn't seen it yet.  Her exact words were "If Dr. calls you, thats great!".  Weird...could it be a number low enough that technically its negative, but perhaps something is getting started?  Maybe they had just started to rise?  As usual, I'm going crazy waiting!!!
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I thought I am not going to have another baby after I had my son. But bad things happened that I didn't expect, I loss my son last year, he got sick when we were on vacation and die. He's 13 months old, after that I have problem with my breast I had lump the size of a pingpong ball and had it removed in April and I thought I have cancer. But thankfully it's not cancerous as what the doctor's told me. But I am going for a routine mammogram. After my wound healed my DH and I started to conceive, and since then we've been trying and nothing happened. I am now on CD 73 and still BFN. So am going to see my Obgyn next week Dec. 9 and perhaps do some testing and see what is wrong with me. Am so sad and frustrated. I never really had problem conceiving in the past, but this time it's the opposite. Perhaps my loneliness and stress causing all this, hoping to get some answer.
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I'm so happy your appt went so well. I have a good feeling about this dr. Sending you lots of positive vibes:)
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Oh, Amanda, that's fantastic!  My experience is so very different; rushed in and out under 15 minutes....good to hear she had a healthy baby after four miscarriages. That gives me hope.
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Miranda, I so know what you mean.  That's exactly what my last Dr. was like.  Come to think of it, thats what most Dr's I have had are like.  My regular family Dr. is very much like that. He actually has a sign in his treatment rooms that you can only discuss one issue per visit.  Otherwise you have to make a second appointment.  This women is an absolute breathe of fresh air for me.  
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Dear Amanda,
So glad to hear that this doctor is willing to go the extra mile to help you. May God give her wisdom and bless you and your husband with a little one!
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I'm so happy for you that you have renewed hope again. It's so nice to feel like your doctor not only cares, but has been there too! That's great! I truly hope she is able to get to the bottom of what is causing you to miscarry. Here's some STICKY baby dust I'm throwing at you!!!
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My RE had me taking Clomid from cycle day 3-7 as well, he never started me on day 5.  Sounds like this OB has some knowledge.  Best of luck to you and now I know for sure you won't be giving up anytime soon.  It will happen!

Love Ya! Debbie
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That is absolutely wonderful news Amanda! I LOVE doctors who actually care about each of their patients! My OB is a very loving chinese man who gives each of his patients answers to every question even if he is running back and forth between them all. Like he will come in my room, talk to me, ask me to get a gown on for an exam and he will be back and he will say " I am going to room so and so to do whatever and I will be back in 3, 5, 10 minutes" whatever it is and he is always on top of things this way. It's great, now maybe you will find out some answers as to why things have been going the way they have and hopefully you'll be carrying a baby to term very soon!! I am with Heather, I think 2009 is going to be a great year for you (an Rachel and all those that are still TTC!!)) Much Sticky Baby Dust and Many Blessings to you my dear friend!!
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Hey Amanda- wow that's great news!  I'm so glad you switched dr's... a good one makes a world of difference, and I actually kinda feel like my ObGyn is part of the family!  He's a great guy.
That's crazy that after all this time you've never had a check for anticardiolipin antibodies or other blood clotting disorders. Wowzers... that's such an easy fix, yet without treatment just dooms you to mc after mc... I should know, that was the cause of all of mine.  Sounds bad to say I hope they find something (cause I don't want to wish anything to be wrong, ya know!), but at least it would give you answers and help them plan their next move/treatment.
You old OB sounds like a quack (no offense!), especially with the sign about one issue per visit... heck, my OB actually repeatedly asks if I have other questions/issues, and we even make jokes, small talk, and he always likes to hear stories about my apes from when I use to work at the zoo.  
I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and my prayers for you that you're going to get a Christmas miracle-- or at least a New Year's one!
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Very happy for you. I'm glad to see that there are doctors who still care and have a goal in mind. Wishing you all the success in the world!!!
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