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Welcome New Members!!!

Hello and Welcome to the Pregnancy 35+ Community!! This is a forum for all who are looking for answers, have suggestions, or who would just like to make friends of women who are pregnant and around 35. We here have grown into a great group of people who really are there for you when you need it! You can ask questions and those that have some familiarity with what you are going through will be sure to jump in the thread with their comments!

As a Community Leader of this forum I would appreciate it if you would please show respect to those that post comments and leave the arguing and negative comments out! The community is surely going to continue to grow stronger if we all remain respectful!

Also - I would like to add, we have a Medhelp Babies List (Baby Bundles - Pink/Blue/Surprise Teams) for those who would like to be on it showing when your baby is due and the sex and name if you have picked them out! If you would like to be added to this Please feel free to send Adgal a message with your due date, singleton or twins, sex and name of your baby(s)!! The list is growing more and more every day!!

Lastly, I would like to point you to the "Pregnancy Tracker" that you can add to your profile. Just click on ‘My MedHelp’ at the top of page. Then click Trackers and follow the steps to add your tracker.  You can easily watch your Pregnancy progress!  Also, we have a "Baby Ticker" which can be used in your posts and journal entries.

Thanks so much and again.. Welcome to the Pregnancy 35+ forum!!

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You ROCK!!!!
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I concur, Patty!!  You're such a sweetie and I'm glad you are our CL.
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Couldn't have picked a better CL - just not sure how in the world you have time to do it all - must be that good Ohio air - lol

We old timers  salute you!!!  (blowing raspberry!)
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Yes Patty,  I've been on this board since my miscarriage at 5 months in January of 2007.  So much time has passed,  I have my little Neena now and you've been a constant on this board all that time.  All throughout my pregnancy,  this board has been a very supportive and oftentimes reassuring place to come to.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  
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I know I am way behind the times, but I never updated the birth of my baby.  Nathan was born on 5/24.  He was 7lbs10oz and 20 inches long.  He was born at 41 weeks and it was an absolute horrible delivery.  We almost lost him and he was in the NICU for 8 days.  Needless to say-if your doctor breaks your water and there is meconium-don't let the doctor let you labor for 8 more hours and not do a C Section.  He ended up aspirating meconium, his cord was wrapped around his neck, he was without oxygen for at least 5 minutes, he had 4 inches of fluid on his head and he got caught in the birth canal.  All of this could have been avoided if we would have insisted on a C Section when he broke my water.  He is our first and we had no idea.  Luckily he is doing well now, and should not have any long term delays due to his rough start.  I wanted to let you know so you could update the list.
Thank you, Suzanne
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Thank You. I'm a new member and I hope to make some new friends and I can support.

Thank You Again.
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Hurray! A place to talk to others and get answers. My husband and I are not announcing to the family (ok, I have not sisters so I told my cousin who is like a sister) until we are at least at 12 weeks. 5 1/2 weeks now or 25 days from conception. Long way to go. Good luck and God Bless all!!!

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Hi there!

My Baby Boy is due Sept. 20th, 2008. His name will be Jesse Steven Scott.
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I am new to the site, and after reading several postings, I want to thank you. I can tell I will be able to get the support I am looking for with the great forum. I just posted a question, and hope to hear some feedback. I am anxious & 38 :-) Good luck & best wishes to all !
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I'm new to this site. I have already found such great support. I am 34 and my husband and I are planning to get pregnant in August. I'm so excited. I cant wait. We already have 2 girls 18, and 10. yes my kids are far in age. I was a teen parent so thats why I didnt have another one till I was really ready. I will be 35 when I have this baby.  So there's new things I have to worry about. So I hope I can turn to this site for answers, and support. Thanks for being here.
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Hi Patty

Just joined the site and its been a good journey so far.
I am somehow unable to get expert advice. Being in India and my timings at different zone, is there any way i cd get across to post my query to the expert. everytime i try to do so, its already past the required quota. Thanks dear.
Nonetheless, its a great site and great people and it rocks!!
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Hey!  I couldn't find the medhelp babies list to give you an update...but I had my daughter on July 24th...Avery Faith.  She's adorable!  Just wanted to give you an update...take care!
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I just joined.  My husband and I married last year.  We have a very blended family.  My reason for joining this site is our desire to have a child together.  I am 39 and he will be 43 in about a week.  My youngest son, 4, has Autism (his father is not my husband).  My husband's son, 16, has Aspergers.  We really are trying for a girl as Autism is less common and using the Shettles Method.  I just had my Mirena removed on Monday (after ~3.5 years).  I become pregnant very easily and prior to the Mirena, have gotten pregnant while using other forms of birth control.  However, every other pregnancy results in a miscarriage for me.  

Since my last pregnancy was a miscarriage, I am hopeful about this try.  However, we are concerned about fertility after the Mirena, Autism, our age, miscarriage and about a million other things!!

I am hoping that I will see a pattern to my cycle within the next 30 days so that we know where we stand.  I am charting my temps daily.

Thanks for letting me get it all out.  I hope to join the 'pregnant' bunch soon!
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This is a first for me. First blog entry. First pregnancy. 5 weeks at the age of 39 and sitting nervously by until I visit my doctor again for a weekly blood draw to check hormone levels. My first ultrasound is scheduled for Sept. 15. My husband and I are excited but don't want to overwhelm our families with our concerns. I look forward to contributing to the blogs and getting some solid advice.

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Hi there - I'm new and want to thank you firstly for such a lovely welcoming intro, Patty!

I have been on this site for months now but up until recently on the Infertility forum all the time as it's taken us 2 years to get pg again (back to back artificial insemination, hormone stimulation - you name it, we did it!)...only to finally get PG naturally on holiday this summer - you cannot BELIEVE how shocked we were, and are still so overwhelmed with our news!

So, I'm starting my 9th week today. I've had 3 u/s already and seen the heartbeat...back for anther in 3 days' time. I just can't WAIT until the 12 weeks are over - after all we've been through, I'm so so scared and paranoid (I wasn't like this AT ALL with my daughter - now 4 years old - just automatically presumed everything would be fine -- no worries at all abou a dreadful m/s..).
Anyway, I'm really glad to have found this particular blog and hope to keep up with you all!
BTW, I'm 36 (DH is 38), English and live in Italy (DH is Italian)..
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I just got my bfp after 4 months of ttc...after removal of Merina IUD.  so that would make me 3 weeks 4 days pregnant...whoo hoo
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Thank you so much for being here :)
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Hey I'm new here. I'm 35 years of age I have 3 sons already and their ages are 15 as of monday, 12 and 10 years old. Here is my story my husband had a vasetomy and didn't want any more kids. I have wanted another for years. I stopped asking and started praying that if it be Gods will that he softens my husbands heart and that he would want another. Well guess what my prayer was answered and in June he had a reversal. No pregnancy yet sadly and found out my husbands sperm count is very low. They have put him on some vitamins and hoping that they will work. My periods were like clock work then about 5 months ago I had one at 40 weeks, then one at 45 which was depressing cause I thought I was pregnant and on my 35th birthday I started bleeding. ;o( then my last one was at 44 it stopped on  10/6/08. The day after my period ended my husband and I did the baby lovemaking thing the day after and a couple days later. Starting a couple days later and now my breast are feeling weird and they only feel this way before my period begins. So I don't know if I'm ovulating, pregnant, or something other weird thing. I have heard that some can have cramps so bad during thier period that they ovulate. So we will see come a week or so. Pray for me because I don't know how fast the Vitimans for my husband are supposed to work or if they are working at all. And I want so bad to have another baby. Thank you for listening and Please do a lot of praying for me. Thank you.
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Hi I read your post and thought that I was almost reading about myself.  I too have 3 boys 17,14,11 and always wanted more but my husband at the time didn't so I had my tubes tied.  I have sinced divorced and reunited with my highschool sweetheart after 16yrs and he had no children so I had a tubal reversal done mar14/08 and went for my postop appt. apr 30 and was told happy trying if nothing happens in 6mth come back and possible invitro but May 13,08 was my last cycle I am now 24 weeks pregnant.  I must tell you it is so special this time having the boys so involved and excited about the baby I wouldn't change it for a minute it was so ment to be as it happened so fast for us and it sounds like it is ment to be for you too!!  I wish you all the best of luck.  Keep us posted
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hi i have just joined. i am 41 years and trying donor iui, i am on my third treatment. i had AMH done and it is 10.6 low but the high end. however i am so sick of the negative comments, mostly from female nurses. oh your age may be a factor, not that i only get one shot at iui, in a relationship more sperm etc. is there anyone out there my age or near where there is success. i am finding the whole fertility treatment so stressful and thinking it is never going to happen.

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Hello everyone! I'm a little late on this welcome post, but I just joined today. I am 40 years old and have two children - 18 y.o. girl and 8 y.o. boy. I had always wanted more, but kind of gave up on meeting Mr. Right. I had raised both kids alone up until a year ago when I finally met him! Well, he's 34, has one child who lives with her mother in another state. We tossed around the idea of having a baby together - we both want one, but my age has been an issue for me. Finally, I decided, what the heck, let's try now since I'm not getting any younger. This was my second month of trying, and I just started my period last night (four days early). I was so disappointed. But, reading some of your stories on here, I am encouraged not to give up. Hopefully it will happen for me - my goal is to be pregnant by my 41st birthday in July! I'm happy to join this group...you seem like a very cool group of women!
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I joind this community recently, but today iam saying bye, i had a miscarriage last week.  Is there a communicty for 35+ who have had miscarriage and are actively trying?  i want to start trying ASAP.
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There are many of us right here that have miscarried (in my case 4 times) and still belong. This forum has women who are trying and having miscarriage or fertility issues, are pregnant, etc.  I found a lot of support here during my miscarriages, and am not pregnant right now, but am trying.  There is also the miscarriage forum, which can be very helpful.  I wish you well, and hope you hang around.  You may find it helpful, as well as supportive.  I am so sorry for your loss.  Amanda
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hello, i am brand new to this forum and i am so happy to be here.. i hope to learn and to help!  
i am 37 and my dh is 36. we have been ttc for about 9-10 months.  i just did a rnd of clomid (100mg) and had an iui on 1-5.  i have not had any symptoms other than minor cramps for about a day/two.  now i have hot flashes... has anyone had an iui and experienced hot flashes afterwards? i am due back at dr's on 1-9 for progest level.  
in addition, i have had all ncsy tests and all is good.  my levels were below 10; my dh was perfectly normal as well.  i guess it is just a matter of time.. but i cannot help to think my age (37) is having to do with the delay.  it is a bit discouraging and i am trying to remain positive -- but it is so so hard!  

best wishes to all,
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