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pregnancy symptoms

Hi All,
I have a question for any of you.  It seems  a lot of woman post pregnancy type symptoms the day of and soon after implantation.  Some of these scientific med sites claim its impossible to feel any symptoms before the HCG rises several days after implantation - 12-14 days.
Is it possible to start having symptoms after implantation, but not see it in a HPT?  I know pms symptoms are the same as pregnancy, but some of these woman insist they don't get these symptoms on a monthly basis.

Do you think its possible for the HGC in the newly planted egg to cause very early symptoms before the HGC is strong enough to register on an HPT?? ( really high temp rise,nausea,dry mouth, fullness in uterus)  you guys know the list.
Lisa  8 DPO
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I think it's possible.  My first symptom is always headaches.  The first time I got pregnant I started having them (along with fatigue) about 7 DPO.  It wasn't "wishful thinking" either because I did not expect to get pregnant as quickly and easily as I did that time.  So many women on this forum and other fertility forums have claimed really early symptoms.  I do think though that a very sensitive HPT will register a positive around that time.  I have had a positive on FRER 7DPO as well.  I no longer believe in the textbook pregnancy, I think its different every time and for every woman.
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It happened to me. I did IUI and they said test day 14. I tested day 10 but felt like my period was coming on (backache, blah/kind of bloated feeling). It came up negative. I finally tested day 14 because the symptoms intensified, especially my backache was near debilitating. Good thing my husband stopped rubbing my back with extreme pressure. Once we found out I was pregnant the ultrasound showed subchorionic bleeding pockets. I say it was from him rubbing so hard he was disloging things. I'm grateful that passed and am 35 weeks today.

Good luck you too. I agree with Adgal. Never rely on textbook or statistics. Every woman's experience is completely different.
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Well, having recently experienced this, I can say that I definately had symptoms. I had the lower back ache and cramping associated with AF, but it felt *different...more sharp, localized pain rather than that dull ache you get before AF. I also felt weird, pulling (for lack of a better description) sensations in my lower abdomen, and sharp pains down in the vaginal area. Also, the fatigue...that one is killing me, and I've been having it for over a week. I go to bed at 8 every night! The other thing is the breast tenderness was different...in a regular cycle, I get sore breasts about a week before my period...but it's more kind of a muscle soreness feeling...like they need to be massaged! LOL. This time, there was no breast soreness, but my nipples were SO SENSITIVE it almost hurt to brush them with a towel after a shower. Oh yeah...and more frequent urination from about 7 or 8 DPO. What kind of symptoms are you having??

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I think it is quite possible.  I too remember having symptoms a few DPO.  I was very nauseous feeling sick to my stomach.  It only lasted a couple of days but got a BFP within a week.
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For me, it's extremely difficult to discern between pre-menstrual symptoms and pregnancy ones.  I also didn't feel any what I would say are pregnant ones until around 5 weeks w/any of my pregnancies (7 of them - 5 live, 2 m/c's).  I believe the only way to tell for sure is to wait for the time to take the HPT to be able to tell if your symptoms are pregnant ones or not.  This probably doesn't answer your question very well - thought I'd share my experience w/you - good luck w/this cycle and SSBD! - jen
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For me, I definitely had symptoms and had IVF so my beta was scheduled 9 days past a 5 day transfer so I felt symptoms prior to 9 days post transfer (about 5 days was when I started feeling more gassy, which I had with both pregnancies and full bbs).

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